The Milk Cave, on its way to be brought to life


A unique cave in the Carpathians – the Milk Cave – will be brought to life, currently undergoing rehabilitation due to the fact that it used to be not illuminated, therefore in the past tourists could only visit 20 meters of it.

The cave consists of a gallery with widths from 14 to 20 meters, is about 175 meters long and its heights are between 3 and 6 meters.

The Milk Cave’s name comes from the cave minerals covering a large area of the walls, which are similar in consistency with milk related products, being also white-colored. The white material deposited on the walls of the cave is called “montmilch” (mountain milk), having a consistency similar to yoghurt. Right at the entrance of the cave live bats families, yet one can find also a few stalagmites.

The cave will become part of a larger complex, which will include the Bra?ovia fortress. Approximately RON 200,000 was allotted for the enhancement of the objective, according to media reports from mid-2013, when the news on the rehabilitation of the cave was released.

Works include setting the access path to the cave, cleaning it and arranging a visiting route of the cave, as well as its illumination.

The Milk Cave is part of Post?varul Mountain (photo), being located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Poiana Bra?ov and at an altitude of 1,350 meters.


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