The most beautiful places to visit in Romania during 2022


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Medieval castles, Gothic churches, cities full of charm, forests, and hidden villages between the Carpathians and the sea.

Romania is a region to be discovered slowly and will be your destination for a journey to discover beauty. You will find charming medieval towns, fortresses, castles, and villages hidden among the hills and forests, perfect for relaxing and unplugging. And then there are the beaches and the sea, a coastline to discover, fortunately still uncrowded.

Here are the places you can’t miss during your trip to Romania.


This small medieval city is one of the most beautiful in Transylvania and has a historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features charming cobblestone streets lined with colorful tiny houses. But be warned: it is also the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula, and is considered one of the most haunted cities in the world.

Lacul Roșu (Red Lake)

Located in the Eastern Carpathians, Lacul Rosu doesn’t precisely have a reddish color, but that’s not a problem-we’re sure you’ll be too busy admiring the stunning mountain views with evergreen trees reflected in the waters.

Bran Castle

Located in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, this famous site is also known as Dracula’s Castle due to its resemblance to the fortress described in Bram Stoker’s novel.


Transfăgărăşan is one of the most beautiful roads in the world; it runs on mountain roads along with the Carpathian mountain range for about 90 km and is characterized by incredible S-curves that make it one of the most exciting roads in the world.

Turda Salt Mines

Not all beauty is found on the surface; this, for example, is a unique theme park located in one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Visitors will be able to descend by elevators up to 80 meters, already underground. We can see a fantastic show only looking out from the balconies: a dark chasm created by the salt walls descends to the underground lakes where there are rides, a theater, and a pier.

Statue of King Decebalus

On the bank of the Danube, not too far from Orşova, you will find carved into the giant rock the head of the last king of Dacia, Decebalus. The sculpture is 40 meters high and 25 meters wide and is the largest in Europe.

Palace of Culture of Targu Mures

The Palace of Culture is a little gem in Art Nouveau style, built between 1911 and 1913 at the request of the then-mayor of Târgu Mureş, György Bernády; inside you will find bronze busts of composers and intricate and beautiful stained glass windows. Also, the building has been the home to the “Academy of Fine Arts” and a library.


Visit Braşov in Romania

Visiting Braşov is like going back in time; in this beautiful city, you’ll find medieval watchtowers and Gothic churches (like the famous Black Church) defining its skyline.

Lake Balea

This incredible glacial lake is located at an altitude of 2040 meters and is nestled in the mountains of Făgăraş, in the center of Romania: it is located at the highest point of the famous Transfagarasan road. You can see the best view of the lake by climbing for about 45 minutes, right on the side of the mountains overlooking the lake.

Ceahlău Massif

The Ceahlău Massif, 2157 meters high, is one of the most famous mountains in Romania, offering a splendid view of the Eastern Carpathians and an incredible concentration of animal and plant species.

Vesel Cemetery, Săpânţa

A cheerful cemetery in Romania remembers the dead with artwork and lots of colors. It is located in Sapanta, 4 km from the border with Ukraine. On the graves are painted scenes from the deceased’s life, the wooden crosses are colorful, there are no words of condolence but humorous phrases about the dead.

Danube Delta

This UNESCO World Heritage Site -formed by the Danube and the Black Sea meet- is home to wetlands, where you can find beautiful beaches and over 300 bird species.

Korvin Castle

Located in Hunedoara, Transylvania, this 15th-century Gothic fortress has nightmarish features. It rivals well with Bran Castle: on its outside, we find impenetrable walls and a drawbridge, but inside there is a vast underground space with torture chambers. It is located in Hunedoara, Transylvania.


Timişoara is the third most populated city in Romania, after Cluj-Napoca and, of course, Bucharest. It attracts visitors for its beautiful public squares and the many kinds of music and cultural festivals every year.

Constanta Casino

Opened as a casino on the Black Sea in 1910, this Art Nouveau masterpiece was used as a hospital for a short period during World War II; before becoming one of Romania’s most beautiful abandoned places.

In any case, if what you are looking for is a casino that still works today, the right place for you is in the country’s capital, the Gran Casino Bucharest, where in addition to playing you can also simply take a tour and admire the architecture.

Instead, if you like gambling but do not have time to visit one in Romania, we recommend you to take a look at the current situation of online gambling in Romania, which is still a bit confusing due to the many laws applied in the country in recent years.

Nera Gorge National Park

Declared a protected natural area in 2000, this 142-square-mile park in southwestern Romania is known for its waterfalls and dazzling blue lakes.

Vidraru Dam

Vidraru Dam was built in 1966 on the banks of the Argeş River. This massive arch dam created Lake Vidraru (an expanse of water more than six miles long) and has a beautiful epic statue of Prometheus erected nearby.

Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

With over 300 elegantly decorated rooms, the Palace of Parliament is the second-largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon).


Sibiu’s history started when Saxon settlers arrived in Transylvania, their home, during the 12th century. The Germanic architecture in the city’s historic center serves to remind its origins.

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