The mysterious pyramids from Sona, Fagaras

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Sona village, located on the right bank of the Olt River, 5 kilometers away from Fagaras, is the home to some mysterious soil mounds, similar to pyramids and present here for thousands of years. These hills are known as the Pyramids of Sona.

Eight huge piles of soil are aligned in two rows, four on one side and four on the other, creating quite an interesting view and unusual sight. Local legends also claim that the piles of soil were built back in Dacian times, and some say inside the mounds one might even find some treasure. It is also said that the piles had originally perfect pyramid shapes, but dur to erosion, wind and rain washed away their structure. There are eight mounds that reach up to 30 meters height, arranged in two rows, by size. What is fascinating about these hills is that they remained here over the years, though they are made of soil.

Tumul-satu-mareThe pyramids dominate the village, and the locals call them ‘guruieti’, meaning that mound of soil. Researchers believe that these ‘guruieti’ are hiding the burial ground of Decebalus because they resemble the ‘tumuli’, formations used by Celts or Scythians, who buried their leaders together with their weapons and jewelry. In addition, archaeologists found pottery from the Late Bronze Age and Hallstatt period close to the Pyramids.

Another legend says that the mounds of land are the graves of giants who lived here. Locals believe the giants still live inside of these hills and if someone tries to disturb their sleep, they would get really upset. They think this place has a special energy so, if you put a bowl of water near the mound it gets healing properties and meat never rots.

Curious to find what’s hiding inside, locals tried to dig into the mound, but they were stopped by the authorities. Even archaeologists haven’t managed yet to unravel the mysteries of the Sona pyramids, so it remains an ideal place to visit, especially for those who love legends.

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  1. Patricia Barwick says

    I sure would love to know what is in there! They are likely left from before Noah’s flood.

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