The ‘new-born’ waterfall in Lotru Mountains seeks record homologation

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One of the tallest waterfalls in Romania, Ciucă’s Waterfall in Mălaia, Vâlcea County is relatively new-born, being discovered only at the end of last year.

The waterfall was accidentally tracked down a few months ago, on uncultivated land in Lotru Mountains, about 2 km away from 7A national road. No touristic route is available in this area.

As a matter of fact, there is a group of two waterfalls, a 25-metre one and another one measuring 105m in length , linked through a 300-metre long canyon.

The tallest waterfall is known as Ciucă’s waterfall or Scoruș waterfall and is made of two level, with one having an 80 metre water drop. The water drop’s homologation as the tallest one in Romania is under way.CascADA

Hundreds of tourists have already visited the exquisite waterfall on Bucureasa Valley in the past two months.

Moreover, local authorities kicked off a promotion campaign, ‘taking’ the waterfall to a local tourism fair, Oltenia’s Tourism Fair scheduled for mid-March.

The Mayor from Mălaia village, where the waterfall can be found, also pledges to set up a routing through the canyon so that the waterfall can be easily accessible.

Mălaia area in Vâlcea is a legendary mountain location, which shelters no less than 30 waterfalls.

Legend has it that some robbers used to live in the neighborhood, finding shelter in the deep fir tree or beech woods, hiding  their captures in the caves.

Another legend says that there were three groups of robbers wandering in the area: one led by Mălai, the second belonged to a thief named Ciungu, while the third to Voinea. Later on, after raising enough fortunes, the robbers set up their own families and settled down in these neighborhoods, also giving their names to the places: Mălaia, Ciunget and Voineasa.

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