The place in Romania ranked by Forbes among the18 best budget travel destinations for 2019

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Romania is again in the pipeline as a worth visited country this year as well. Famous “Forbes” magazine has ranked Transylvania on the list of the 18 most beautiful and cheapest travel destinations in 2019.

Besides exotic places like Hawaii, Zanzibar or Malaysia, foreign tourists are invited to visit the old castles and exquisite mountains from Transylvania, but also to taste the traditional local dishes.

Transylvania ranks 15th in the Forbes ranking, with the foreign journalists describing our region as “home to myths and some of the world’s most hospitable locals”.

The stunning Carpathian mountains offer the perfect backdrop to one of Europe’s often overlooked regions. Being relegated to the stuff of legends has allowed Transylvania to develop a unique and authentic culture. Guests can experience Romania’s roots free of the mass commercialization, and the high prices, that we see in more popular European destinations. From sampling local dishes like ciorbă, mici and palinka, to skiing in Sinaia, you’ll have a wide range of budget-friendly activities to keep you entertained. The country is a yearly destination for me and part of the reason might just be the food,” the description also says.

See the entire ranking here.

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