The Romanian seaside tops the list of destinations that tourists were disappointed with this summer


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According to a survey carried out by the online hotel platform, Romanians say that they were received with the greatest hospitality in Maramures and Bucovina (areas voted by 22.7% of respondents), in Transylvania (area voted by 20.9% of respondents) and in Banat (with 20.1% of respondents).

Moreover, these are also the regions where tourists found the best accommodation conditions in Romania, a sign that local tourism is in full development and that investments in it bring results.

At the opposite side, the Romanian coast leads the list of destinations that tourists were disappointed with this summer.

When it comes to the areas where they found the best accommodation units, with the most efficient quality/price ratio, tourists frequently mentioned Maramures, Bucovina and the Transylvanian region (with Brasov, Sibiu, Harghita and Covasna counties in particular) . Moreover, these are the areas where they were welcomed with hospitality and where they enjoyed the atmosphere, authentic experiences, and the kindness of the staff.

According to the Travelminit survey, in terms of rates, tourists have noticed large and very large increases compared to last year for accommodation, food, wellness services, tourist attractions and transport. As for the budget allocated to a stay in Romania, the situation is as follows: 70.5% of respondents would allocate between 150 and 300 lei for one night’s accommodation/double room, 19.4% would allocate less than 150 lei for one night’s accommodation/ double room, 8.6% would allocate between 300 and 500 lei for a night’s accommodation/double room, while only 1.4% would spend over 500 lei for a night’s accommodation/double room.

Regarding the factors that lead tourists to choose one accommodation over another, the general appearance of the room and the unit is in first place. Next comes the price, the location of the accommodation (as close as possible to the objectives of interest), the facilities offered by the unit, the additional services included in the package (access to the spa, the fitness room, etc.), but also the flexible booking conditions.

In terms of disappointments, the respondents put the prices in the first position, an additional proof of the fact that the increases of the last period caused a lot of dissatisfaction among tourists. The staff’s attitude, the appearance of the rooms, the poor hygiene conditions, the restaurants’ menu, and the lack of parking spaces are also on the list of aspects they were disappointed by.

What are the criteria that could convince Romanians to travel more in Romania, what could industry players do to encourage local vacations? As expected, the first option (voted by over 74% of the respondents) was the adjustment of prices to salaries in Romania, so that tourists can afford holidays in the country more often. Also, they want accommodation offers that include more facilities and services for the same price, investments in infrastructure and accommodation units, better training of the staff, but also the design of an original menu.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    It is of no surprise that the Romanian seaside is the absolute pits! I wouldn’t go there even if you paid me. The reason the service is so poor is because the staff (Romanians) believe that they are irreplaceable when in fact they’re not. All hotels and restaurants who wish to be considered serious should employ Indians and Filipinos.

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