The Romanians’ holiday plans

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50% of the Romanians want to spend their vacation in Romania amid COVID-19 fears, according to a survey conducted by Hospitality Culture Institute. Among the destinations preferred by the Romanians this summer are such cities as Brașov, Constanța or Cluj-Napoca.

35% of the respondents have not yet planned their days off this year.  Only 15% still intend to spend their vacation abroad, while 7% will not have vacation at all or will spend it home.

52% of the Romanians who prefer usually traveling in Romania have higher education, while 48% have middle education.

53% of the Romanians who travel in Romania more often then abroad report less than RON 4,000 average incomes/ household. 33% of them are employees, 29% are experts in various sectors, while 29% are unemployed or on maternity leave.

Among Romanians who prefer vacations in Romania, 33% go on a city break twice a year, 30% go once at every 2-3 months.

40% of the Romanian tourists allot from RON 501 to RON 1,000 per person for a city break to a local destination. 34% allot less than RON 500 per person for a city break.

As for the transport mean preferred for a vacation in Romania, 64% go by their personal car, and 13% by train. 31% of the local tourists prefer an informal accommodation (guesthouse), while 45% chose to pay only for accommodation.

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