The sea in the heart of Bucegi Mountains

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Bolboci Lake is one of the hidden treasures of Bucegi Mountains, a vast lake created by blocking Ialomi?a River with a dam in 1988. Also called the Sea from Bucegi, Bolboci Lake is among the most spectacular natural attractions in Bucegi Massif. This extension of water, surrounded by picturesque landscapes dominated by mountains, well wooded, formed behind a dam located at the highest altitude in the country, 1438 meters.

Bolboci Lake is located near the protected geographical Bucegi Natural Park, only 8 kilometers away from Sinaia and around 10 kilometers from Ialomita Cave. Although it is an artificial lake, the anthropogenic involvement has not brought even the slightest damage to this beautiful piece of nature. The impressive dam about 55 meters tall houses a body of water which embeds around 18 million cubic meters. The lake is located on the border of Dambovita and Prahova, between Tatar Gorges and Z?noagei Gorges and it is surrounded by coniferous forests.

The view is even more spectacular during winter time; a part of the lake freezes over, while the pine trees are covered in snow.

On the border of the lake you will find Bolboci Cabin which has about 60 beds, with restaurant and terrace. The cabin was built in 1928, before even the lake appeared and until 1971 it could be used only in summer, because it had no stove and wasn’t covered with iron.

Bolboci Lake represents an important tourist hub from which tourists can go hiking or mountain biking on marked trails or can go visiting the main attractions in Bucegi, among which: Lake Scropoasa, the Plateau Cave Padina where you can also visit Ialomicioara Cave, Babele Cabine or Zanoagei Gorges.

At a very short distance from the lake you will pass through the Babelor road  known as the Transbucegi, recently bituminized.

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