The wild turquoise water beach on the Romanian seaside

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Amid troubles of the Romanian seaside, there are still some things to enjoy about it. Amateurs of wild beaches can still find some in Romania. Besides already famous Vadu and Corbu beaches, another one stands out for its natural beauty, its tranquility, fine sand and green-turquoise water.

We are talking about the beach in Tuzla, where local fishermen are luring tourists with fresh-caught fish and where pure serenity is up in the air at every turn.

Moreover, the turquoise colour of the clean water sea around here and the quiet surroundings seem to be the main reasons tourists are coming to this tourist spot for their summer holiday, to just relax and hear the waves, away from the noise of the most popular seaside resorts on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

We are hitchhiking, we are coming from Poland and have been to several countries, Croatia, Montenegro and now Romania. It is a wonderful place, the water is warm, people are hospitable,” Martina, a Polish tourist, told Digi24.

Asked why he has chosen to come here, another tourist, Stanislav replied: „Water and clean water. I could swim here every day”.

Visitors can find accommodation at the locals’ houses, with prices of RON 100/per night, or they could find accommodation directly on the beach, to the tent.

As for the food, tourists can eat fresh fish at the fisheries peppered on the beach, for prices ranging from RON 10 to RON 30.

Around 3,000 tourists are coming to Tuzla on an annual basis.

Tuzla is a commune in Constanta county, comprising a village with the same name. In Turkish, the name of Tuzla means “salt pan”. The locality is precisely halfway between Constanta and Mangalia, on national road 39. The beach is 5 km away from the main road.

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