Things you didn’t know about Timisoara, candidate for the European capital of Culture 2021


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Timisoara, also called the city of flowers and the third largest city in Romania was first mentioned around 1212 as Castrum Temesiense. Here you can find a few interesting facts that happened through time.

1718 – Certification of the oldest breweries in Romania (today’s territory) and the opening of the first elementary school in the City and also the first in Romania;

1728 – The sanitation of Bega River, the first navigable channel in Romania;

1745 – The construction of the City Hospital, first in Romania (24 years before Vienna and 34 before Budapest);

1753 – Timisoara, a city of theatrical season (the third city of the Empire, after Vienna and Budapest);

1760 – The first town of the Habsburg Empire with lit streets (with tallow and oil);

1771 – Publishing the first newspaper in Romania and the first German newspaper in South-Eastern Europe: ‘Temeswarer Nachrichten’;

1774 –A hydraulic machine for drinking water is built in the Fabric Distric (it is the water tower that appears until today on the city emblem);

1819 – 25.03 – The smallpox vaccine is used for the first time in Central Europe, at Timisoara;

1847 –The first concert performed by Johann Strauss,  the son outside Vienna   takes place in Timisoara breweries’ courtyard;

1853 – The telegraph line Vienna-Timisoara-Sibiu is built up;

1857 – 01.11 – The first city in Romania (today’s territory) and the Habsburg Empire to have gas lit street illumination;

1869 – 08.07 – The first horse-drawn tram in Romania between the City and Fabric Districts;

1869 – July – The first city in Romania to have freight and passenger inland water transportation;

1881 – They install the telephone network and the first telephone plant in Timisoara;

1884 – 12.11 – Timi?oara became the first European city to have electric street lights, 731 electric lamps being put into operation;

1886 – 02.12 –  The ‘Ambulance’ service was set up, the first ambulance station in Hungary and Romania (today’s territory);

1895 – The first paved street in Romania;

1910 – They built the first power plant in Romania;

1938 – A world premiere: Corneliu Miclosi invented the first rail and tram welding machine;

1942 – The first electric buses in Romania;

1953 – The only city in Europe to have three state theaters, the Magyar State Theater, the German State Theater and the Romanian State Theater;

1955 – The first radio show broadcasted by Radio Timi?oara;

1969 – The first alphanumeric computer in Romania, MECIPT1, ‘Ma?ina Electronic? de Calcul Institutul Politehnic Timi?oara’ (The Electronic Computer of Timi?oara Politechnical Institute);

1989 – 16 December: The Revolution against the communist regime of Nicolae Ceau?escu begins in Timi?oara. On December 20, Timi?oara is declared the first Free City from the communist domination. 1,104 people died and 3,352 were wounded.

1996 – The birth of the first child conceived in vitro in Romania;

2001 – The first heart laser surgery in Romania;

2003 – The first stem cell transplant.

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