Top 5 cold destinations for those who miss snow


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It’s that time of year when news of snowfall starts rolling out, marking the true start of winter everywhere. While Romania has already had some snow, some are thinking of past winters, when snow seemed to be everywhere and plentiful, while now, not so much, especially in larger cities. A travel-tech company, has come up with a handy list of cities with a lot of snowfall, for those wondering où sont les neiges d’antan?

According to weather data for 2009-2021, the city with the most snowfall in Europe is Tallinn. With an average of 20.5 days of snowfall every year, the Estonian capital is a quiet, walkable gem for those looking to relax during winter, while enjoying the fresh smell of snow.

Second on the list of most snowy cities sits another Baltic capital – Vilnius. For those who are not that familiar with what the Lithuanian capital has to offer, other than 18.5 days of snowfall: the city was named the cheapest destination in Europe in 2019, and saw an increase in tourism after rolling out a very interesting campaign that went on to win awards.

Erfurt, one of the smaller cities in Germany, has 17.25 days of snowfall every year. The capital of the region of Thuringia is called The City of Towers, due to its medieval architecture, especially its Gothic churches and timber-framed houses. For history buffs, it is also the place where Martin Luther spent 5 years of his life, at St. Augustine Monastery.

A fan-favorite, Turku, Finland’s self-titled Christmas city, gets an average of 16.75 snow days every year. While the typically Finnish low-rise architecture is sure to make every snowy day feel like Christmas, it’s a city filled with students year-round and a pretty vibrant place. Those who wish to see Turku’s discreet but snow filled charm can book flights starting at 280 lei this Christmas season.

Helsinki also receives its fair share of snow, being 5th on the list of European cities with the most days of snowfall – 16.5. The Finnish capital retains its historic charm, while being one the top 10 most modern cities in the world, making for a destination that works as both eye-candy (especially in wintertime), as well as a seamless experience.

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