Top five lavender events in Romania this summer

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As June is officially known as the month when lavender is blooming, providing a colorful, scented show to the senses and spirit, we are offering you a few travel tips to the heart of some lavender fields in Romania. Although a brand of Provence, France and of other more Mediterranean regions, lavender has gained increased ground in Romania in the past years as well, turning hectares of land into purple, mostly in Transylvania, central Romania.

Here are five upcoming events having lavender into the spotlight.


Festivalul Lavandei/Lavender Festival, Mădăraș, Mures, June 14-17

The second edition of the Lavender Festival, held on the Lavender Realm, is the nearest such event, running in the heart of Mures county for four days, June 14-17.

After the success of tte first edition that welcomed over 3,000 people, this year we are waiting for you again to live the experience of a picturesque village combined with a Provence look and scent”, reads the organizers’ Facebook post.

Visitor will be able to have a picnic with their family and a therapy, relaxing walk in the lavender field, stretching on three hectares of mature crop next to a brand new 2-ha area.

People can buy essential lavender oil, lavender water, dried flowers sachets, lavender syrup and bunches of fresh lavender.

There will also be two photo corners, with people being able to take a photo shooting right in the lavender field and to rent original traditional folk costumes.

Traditional food will not miss the show either.

To cover the organisation costs and potential damages of the crops, visitors will have to buy a bouquet of lavender flowers at the entrance for a fee of RON 10.


Lavanda Lola Fest, Bonțida, Cluj, June 22

The event will introduce tourists with 50 species of lavender, stretching on one hectare. They will be able to pick up fresh lavender, to learn how to distill lavender flowers. Visitors will also be able to have a family picnic in the property’s orchard, and to take the best pictures. Lavender product testing is also available.

The entrance fee is RON 10/person (children younger than 12yo have free entrance). In exchange, participants will received a bunch of fresh lavender. Registrations here.

Don’t forget that Bontida is also famous for its Electric Castle, getting closer in the month of July.

Cosul cu Lavanda din Fetindia/ Lavender Basket, Fetindia, Sălaj, Romania, June 22

The event taking place on a 2-ha lavender field will enable workshops performed by doctors and specialists who will reveal the secrets and healing properties of lavender to the visitors. Relaxation, photo sessions and traditional local food will keep participants good company.


Cerdacul cu Lavanda/ The Lavender Porch, Brebi, Sălaj, Romania, June 30, from 11:00hrs to 18:00hrs

„Pick up some flowers from the Porch” is an event celebrating the lavender blooms this month.

We’ll wait for you to discover this small fairy-tale spot in all its simplicity and color, to understand why lavender is magic and to see how friendships can be forged while listening to a lavender story,” reads the Facebook note of the event. Free entrance.


La Rue de Lavande, 119 Principala st,. Badon, Sălaj, Romania, July 14, from 09:00hrs to 21:00hrs

Visitors will have free access to the lavender fields to pick up their own bunches of flowers, while undergoing a scent therapy which is calming down senses. Photo shootings at hand, while a stand with handmade, homemade products will welcome tourists.

The lavender fields here is stretching on one hectare, mainly cropping the Codreanca (Angustifolia Hidcote) variety, and has been functioning since 2015.

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