Top six cave monasteries across Romania

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1.Saint Andrew cave monastery is located 4 km away from Ion Corvin village in Constanta county. The story says that after the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus Christ and the Descent of the Holly Spirit, Saint Apostle Andrew reached the area of the Black Sea, including Scythia Minor of the time or today’s Dobrogea. He secluded in that cave with two apprentices and he started to preach. Read more here.pestera-sf-ap-andrei-dobrogea-1

2.Saint John Cassian cave monastery on Casimcei Valley, near Târgușor, Constanța is also said of sheltering Saint John Cassian in the 4th century. It is a limestone cavity carved in the plateau’s abrupt wall.21.-pestera-sfantul-ioan-casian

3.Ialomitei cave monastery is located in Bucegi mountains, up to Ialomita River’s springs in Moroeni, Dâmbovița county. It was built in the 16th century by Mihnea the Bad ruler.ialomitei

4.Corbii de Piatra (Stone Ravens) cave monastery, not far from Bucegi Mountains near Câmpulung Muscel. It is carved in a cliffy sandstone wall. It is a rupestral monastery (allegedly sheltering the oldest painting in southern Romania).corbii-de-piatra-4

5.Cetatuia cave monastery from Negru Voda is quite close to the one of Corbii de Piatra, 22 km away from Câmpulung town, on the beautiful Dambovita Valley. Together with the monasteries of Corbii de Piatra and the one of Namaiesti, it forms an equilateral triangle with the angle of 20 km.negru voda cetatuia

6.Șinca Veche reclusory finds shelter in the extreme southern part of Transylvania, in Sinca Veche commune, Brasov county. It is also a rupestral monastery carved at the feet of Taga mountains somewhere during 14th-15th centuries.The place is full of mysteries and legends. It is also known as the ‘Fate Temple’, or the ‘stone carved monastery’ where good wishes come true but also where some paranormal phenomena occurred. Some believe it is 7,000-year-old and would have belonged to the civilization which also set up the “White Temple” on the Serpents’ Island.pestera-ursitelorsinca-veche

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