Top ten highest mountain peaks in Romania

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Romanian Carpathians can boast of some ten mountain peaks which are higher than 2,500 meters. Each of them unveils beautiful landscapes in every season.

  1. Moldoveanu Peak, Făgăraș Mountains- 2,544 meters high. It used to be also called Cioaca Moldoveanului (the Moldovan’s Peak). The legend says the name derives from a man named Ion Moldoveanu or from a shepherd in Moldova who would have herded his sheep around here in the mid-19th century. Four glacial cauldrons can be found under the peak, the Triangular Lake included.Varful-Moldoveanu-scenery
  2. Negoiu Peak, Făgăraș Mountains is the second highest peak in Romania, with an elevation of 2,535 metres. Its old name was Tunsu’s Stone. It’s pretty hard to be conquered due to its abrupt cliffs. But once you get there, you will have a clear open view over Transylvania and over the surrounding peaks It’s only three hours and a half away from Negoiu Chalet on Sărății Valley.Negoiu
  1. Viștea Mare Peak, Făgăraș Mountains, with an elevation of 2,527 meters. It’s also called the Viștea Mare Corner, Boldu or the Whirl. Together with Moldoveanu Peak it forms the so-called “Romania’s Roof”.8.Arges-vf-vistea-mare
  1. Călțun Peak, Făgăraș Mountains, 2,522 meters high. It is made of a vertical 300-400 meter wall, which is rising from the glacial lake bearing the same name. The peak, also called Lespezi, is also very hard to get. It is famous for its visible messiness particularly from the northern part.caltun
  2. Parângu Mare Peak, Parâng Mountains, with an elevation of 2,519 meters. Once you get on top, you have a broad amazing view over the Southern Carpathians and over Rosiile glacial cauldrons that seem to swallow the vertical wall of the mountain. Seen from Petrosani, the Parang Mountains seem like an immense mountainous bastion. From Petrosani, there are 6-7 hours up to the peak or even less if you get started from Obârșia Lotrului.parangul mare
  3. Peleaga Peak, Retezat Mountains- 2,509 meters. Its name derives from ‘peleag’ which means ‘bald, naked’ in Romanian. Peleaga is located in the Romanian county of Hunedoara, Transylvania. You can access it from Pietrele Chalet in about three hours, passing by Bucura Lake, the largest glacial lake in Romania (almost 10 hectares). Climbers are particularly in love with the northern flank coming from Hateg Land, known as Coltii Pelegii.peleaga
  1. Vanatoarea or Vânătarea lui Buteanu Peak, Făgăraș Mountains- 2,506 meters, is two hours away from Bâlea Lake. “Vânătare” means height or cliffy place. It is regarded as the most accessible peak of over 2,500 meters. You can follow an hour route from Bâlea Lake through Capra saddle.vanatarea buteanu
  2. Omu Peak, Bucegi Mountains- 2,505 meters (other sources claim it has an elevation of 2,503 meters or 2,507, or 2,509) is the most famous mountain peak in Romania. It shelters the renowned Omu Chalet and the weather station, which are the buildings located at the highest altitude. The peak is located at the border of Prahova and Brasov counties, and is surrounded by several glacial lakes of rare beauty, made in limestone and composite stones.varful-omu
  3. Păpușa Mare Peak (Big Doll Peak) in Retezat Mountains measures 2,502 meters. It is located close to Peleaga. It is seldom mistaken for Papusa from Iezer, but the latter is a massif in Făgăraș Mountains.papusa mare
  4. Dara Peak, Făgăraș Mountains also has 2,502 meters (however 2,500 meters according to other sources). It has poor exposure, although at the peak’s feet there is the highest glacial lake in Romania, Mioarela (2,282 meters). You can access it from Urlea Chalet on a 4-hour route on Făgăraș crest, then on Fundul Bindea Peak, on a lateral crest in the right. dara

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