Top three new Romanian travel offers for this summer

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Besides the renowned Romanian travel destinations, new sites and routes are coming to light year by year displaying old or fresh touristic beauties. We unveil now to you three of the latest ones, provided for this summer season.

‘Sailing on the Danube’s flavours’

The first is related to the Danube Delta and food. “Sailing on the Danube’s flavours” is a new touristic offer for this summer. The tourism project promoted by Slow Food Romania and “Ivan Patzaichin-Mila 23” Association aims at bringing into the limelight the local history and culture of the Dobruja traditional dishes. The project will bring the first group of tourists in Tulcea at the end of next month. It’s a group of Italians coming from Friuli region who will visit Bucharest and Tulcea county.

According to the Slow Food Bucharest coordinator, Tiberiu Cazancioc, the tourists will tour across the remote localities in the Danube Delta, the Royal winery in Măcin, Măcin Mountains National Park, Tulcea city and Mila 23 in the Danube

The project is developed by “Viaggiare i Balcani” Association in partnership with various local organisations, such as Slow Food in Romania, which runs in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

Slow Food story began in 1986 in the Italian small town of Bra, the home of the movement’s founder, journalist Carlo Petrini.

Riding in Măcin Mountains

And speaking of the Danube Delta’s neighbouring areas, we arrive in Măcin Mountains where the tourist can find new activities. A stud farm is available in Cerna commune, belonging to the Măcin Mountains National Park Administration where tourist can bed free of charge and practice riding.

The stud farm has eight horses and all the necessary riding equipment, even for amateurs. A 13km routing starting from the paddock will take tourists on an amazing ride. cal

Next to a unique landscape, tourists can observe the exquisite flora, including the Dobruja bellflower and the midget sweet William, as well as butterfly species unique in the world, reptiles, mammals and protected species of birds like big hen-hawk or the wheatear.

One hour of riding is RON 20 for one person, while guided groups are RON 55.

New Horezu circuit

A new touristic project is in store in Vâlcea county, gravitating around the Horezu ceramics area.

The 15km circuit includes the Horezu Monastery, Horezu Traditional commercial region, the Historical Center, Olari Street where at least 20 ceramics masters will display their shops and tool houses and Râmești Gorges.horezu

Horezu is about 50 km away from the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea on the national road that goes to Târgu Jiu, at the feet of Căpățâna Mountains. The resort is famous for the unique ceramics of Horezu and for the offices for worship in the area.

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