Top tips for first-time travellers to Romania

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If you’re planning your first trip to Romania and are keen on learning some tips to make the most of your visit, here in this short article we’ll share some of the most important things that locals believe every tourist should be aware of before visiting the country.

In fact, large majority of travellers from other countries don’t know much about Romania and many perceive it to be slightly behind the times. However, the reality is far from that. It offers plenty of entertainment, excitement and anything that you might expect from a rewarding holiday destination. You could even opt for Cruise holidays that offer excellent casino experiences on your way to Romania that, if you’re lucky will give you extra spending money. Romania is actually a great choice for anyone travelling on a budget, as it is one of the more affordable countries in Europe, but it never hurts to win a couple of extra bucks on the slots or at the poker/ blackjack tables that are part and parcel with most luxury cruises.

Onto the tips now.

Use Uber or the affordable public transport to move around

The public transport system in Romania, comprising of buses, trams and metro, works very efficiently, particularly in Bucharest and doesn’t cost a lot too. However, if you need to hurry to someplace and require a rather convenient and quicker option, you could take an Uber without any guilt. Uber costs less than half of what is normally costs in Singapore and other countries, making it a very cost-effective and safe means to move around.

Opening hours might not be precise

Romanians are a little laid-back people by nature! Hence, the opening hours you see for retail stores on the Internet might not be precise. Even the well-known tourism spots such as the popular Carturesti Carusel can sometimes shut down earlier than expected. There could be many instances when the shops might close early or sometimes not open at all, for multiple reasons. Hence it is advisable to visit certain places and cafés before their closing time and a little later than their scheduled opening hours, to make sure that you don’t end up wasting your time.

Google Maps are pretty accurate

A large number of travellers to Romania depend on Google Maps to find their way around its cities. The metro system is also synchronized fairly well with the Google Maps and hence you can easily plan your metro routes without any problems. Although most people never have any issues when it comes to finding the popular hostels, cafés and landmarks, if you’re uncertain, it is always best to put in the exact address into the maps, instead of the place’s name.

Both hostels and Airbnb can be used for decent accommodations

Hostel culture is in vogue in Bucharest and you’re likely to find many good and affordable hostel accommodations in the city. Some of the widely known and favourites of the travellers include Hostel PanGeea in Sibiu, First Hostel Bucharest in Bucharest and Podstel Bucharest in Bucharest. These accommodations cost anywhere from US$ 6-US$ 15 per night. You could even opt for Airbnb houses or private apartments for two that normally cost in the vicinity of US$ 40 per night. On a side note, please make sure that you carry US dollars or Euros with you to avoid any money exchange hassles.

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