Topolnita, the second longest cave in Romania


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Topolnita Cave is one of the most spectacular caves in Romania, with formations unique in the world and it is a speological reservation, declared a natural monument. The cave is located in the central part of Mehedinti Plateau, between Ciresu and Marga, 30 kilometers from Drobeta Turnu-Severin.

Topolnita, a vast branched cave, is one of the most important karst forms in our country. It is a warm cave, with temperatures ranging from 8.2 to 10.8 degrees Celsius.

The underground area has a length of about 11,000 meters; it is the second largest in the country and 17th in the world. Galleries are positioned on five floors, from which the most impressive speleological formation in the Carpathians is Racovita Gallery. There are huge corridors where you can see numerous lakes and spectacular karst formations.  The waters of Topolnita River dug the mountain and formed the gigantic and extremely spectacular galleries.

In Topolnita cave specialists discovered traces since Neolithic. Here fossils are preserved, unique in the world. This cave houses numerous lakes, impressive stalactites formations and stalagmites, accompanied by mazes, torrents, waterfalls and underwater areas.

Topolnita cave is open only a few hours a year, on the third Sunday of August. The rest of the year can be accessed only with approval from the Romanian Academy.

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