Travel agencies come up with fresh discounts at the Tourism Fair

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The National Tourism Fair is getting closet, coming with fresh discounts for travelers. The fair is due at Romexpo during February 18-24.

Paralela 45 is coming out with discounts ranging from 10 to 50%, which are adding to the Early Booking discounts.

The most sought-after destinations seem to be Turkey (Antalya, Alanya and Bodrum), Greece and Egypt. 23 weekly flights are scheduled to Antalya, Alanya and Bodrum from 13 cities:  Bucharest (four flights per week to Antalya and one to Alanya), Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Târgu Mureș and Iași (two flights each per week), Bacău, Arad, Baia Mare, Oradea, Suceava, Constanța, Craiova, Satu Mare (one/week). There will be one flight per week from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca to Bodrum-Kusadasi-Marmaris.

The offer for Greece comprises this year Crete/Heraklion from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, but also from Târgu Mureș and Oradea; Crete/Chania, Corfu, Rhodes and Mykonos from Bucharest, overall nine flights per week.

There will be three flights per week to Egypt from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișora (for Hurghada) and one from Bucharest to Sharm el Sheikh.

During the promotional campaign, prices start from EUR 359/person for six nights in Antalya, departure from Bucharest, from EUR 471/person for the package from Constanta, from EUR 468/person from Satu Mare, from EUR 467/person from Craiova.

A vacation in Bodrum costs from EUR 468/person from Cluj. A package to Heraklion from Targu Mures costs from EUR 376/person. Prices for Hurghada start from EUR  473/person, and from EUR 446/person for Sharm el Sheikh.

Promotional prices have all fees included. As a general rule, in a discount campaign that comprises also the Tourism Fair, 70% of the customers prefer the online booking and 55% are also paying online, 30% through bank transfer, 15% directly in the travel agencies or at the tourism fair.

More details here.

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