Two legends and a bottomless lake – Vultures‘ Lake

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The Vultures’ Lake, also known as the Bottomless Lake, is a periglacial lake in Siriu Mountains, Buzau County, located at 1,420 meters altitude on Malalaia versant.  It is a wild location, not so known by tourists.

Its name comes from a legend stated by Romanian author, Alexandru Vlahuta in his work, Romania Pitoreasca: ‘in spring, here is the place where vultures come and drink water to rejuvenate’. The legend says that, in spring, eagles come to the lake and teach their cubs to fly.

They call it the Bottomless Lake, although its depth doesn’t exceed 4 meters, because, as another legend says, a shepherd threw his bat into the lake and left his flock behind. After one year he found his stick in the Danube’s waters. Being consumed by longing he came back.

Eagle Lake can be reached through the Black Valley on a 3 to 4 hours routing. The beauty of the landscape is completed by the fauna and the quite exquisite vegetation. Here we can find the famous chamois (capre negre), protected by law, being an endangered species.

Although Eagle Lake has a great tourism potential, in the area there is only one place to stay, 15 km away, in a chalet, down in the Black Valley (Valea Neagra).

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