Vadu Izei, Maramures: traditions and wooden churches

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Vadu Izei commune is located in the north part of Maramures County, 60 km away from Baia Mare and 6 km away from Sighetu Marmatiei. Vadu Izei, known for its craftsmen and wood carving, is situated at the confluence of two major rivers Iza and Mara. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, with the living proofs being the coins and the silver bracelets (12 bracelets from the Bronze Age were discovered, made artistically in geometric art), the village has been first attested in 1383, bearing Lupu’s Village name.

Vadu Izei commune is surrounded by hills that do not exceed 700 meters altitude, covered with oak and beech woods, with plum, apple and cherry orchards.

In Vadu Izei you will find icon glass painters, weavers, locals who still make blankets or rugs from vegetable dyed wool, but also people who make wonderful woven baskets, and other objects using willow and hazel branches. Here, tourists have the opportunity to spend some quality time within the weaving studios learning to spin or weave, as well as to purchase beautiful naturally colored wool products such as blankets, jackets, and wall hangings. Vadu Izei is also known for its carved wooden ‘Maramures Gates’ and tall wooden churches.

Maramures is renowned as ‘the land of wooden churches’, but in Vadu Izei tourists will find something beautiful and interesting, such as various kinds of pottery: red unglazed pottery, decorated, enameled ceramic pottery.

You can also visit a small museum, the memorial house of Vasile Kazar near the New Greek Catholic Church. This is a household from the eighteenth century with vintage objects and textiles that show the continuity of these villagers’ lives.

Vadu Izei has a variety of traditional guest houses, well informed staff at the information center, and a group of craft persons whose homes and workshops are open to visitors.

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