Vasile Fati, the second largest Botanical Garden in Romania ‘turned’ into an unusual library


Vasile Fati Botanical Garden is located in Jibou, a small town in Salaj County. The Jibou Botanical Garden is an attraction for many visitors not only Romanians but also tourists from abroad. It was founded in 1968 at the initiative of the exceptional professor Vasile Fati. It stretches on 24 hectares, an area that used to be the recreational park of the Wesselényi medieval castle, a family residence.

Positioned at the altitude of 272 meters and surrounded by rather high hills, the garden is protected from cold currents thus enjoying a favorable climate that allows the most diverse experiments. The Botanical Garden’s collection contains over 5,000 species of plants coming from different geographic areas all over the world. The Botanical Garden from Jibou is the second largest in the country, after the one in Iasi, about 100 hectares. As a variety of species it ranks first in Romania.

Among the plants housed at Jibou, there are rare species such as Amorphophallus Rivieri called the corpse plant (by the miasmal odor), which has flourished this year for the first time. In addition to the greenhouses with tropical and Mediterranean plants, the botanical garden has a much diversified offer: from the patio that fills every spring with tulips, pansies, and roses, to the Japanese garden, behind the greenhouses, adorned with pagodas and terraces completed with the famous Fuji Volcano, reconstructed on a small scale. There is also an indoor aquarium were you can admire piranhas and other spectacular species such as clown fish, the sweet water shark, sturgeons, neon fish, butterfly whip fish, angel fish, starry sturgeons, etc. Somewhere in the west part of the Botanical Garden you will find the Zoological sector, a natural forest with secular trees, with wild boars and 14 deer.

Read and pass it further‘ is the motto of a project which made the Botanical Garden ’Vasile Fati’ in Jibou reach over 2,000 books available for visitors, according to Adevarul. Right at the entrance hall to the greenhouses there are over 2,000 books placed nicely on the shelves, brought here by the youngsters of the Student Council Salaj together with ‘Ionita Scipione Badescu’ County Library. The initiative to give visitors of the Botanical Garden an opportunity to relax by reading belongs to the County Council of Students, which runs the charity project ‘The journey of a book’ since 2013. To collect books, students organize charity concerts and invite their colleagues, teachers, friends and all those interested; the ‘ticket’ is an already read book from the personal library that the holder is willing to donate for others to read.

Opening hours

Summer (April 1–October 30) – every day 8.00 – 19.00;
Winter (November 1 – March 31) – every day 8.00 – 17.00

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