Via ferrata, a new type of travel adventure in Romania


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A new type of adventure leisure activity is gaining more and more ground in Romania: via ferrata, the steel cable running along the climbing route and periodically fixed to a rock.

The protected climbing route, first used in the Alps during the WWI to help soldiers climb the cliffs more easily, is now a real tourist trap for mountain lovers in Romania.

More and more such routes have peered in our mountains in the past years, providing tourists with the exquisite opportunities to admire the surroundings from a great height and to live the thrills of a real mountain climber. Although, as there is a need for some equipment, a strong head for heights and basic technique, the via ferrata can be seen as a distinct step up from ordinary mountain walking. Conversely, the modest equipment requirements, ability to do them solo, and potential to cover a lot of ground, mean that via ferratas can also appeal to more experienced climbers.

The climb is enabled through stairs with the help of some metallic pieces fixed on the rocks, while tourists are equipped with helmets and harness and are permanently tied to a cable.

Tourists must know a via ferrata route can be found at Cheile Rasnoavei (Rasnoava Gorge) near Brasov, at Cheile Sugaului/Sugau Gorge in Neamt county (the rock wall as tall as a five blocks of flats of 10 stories each), but also at Pietrele Negre/ Black Rocks in the Apuseni Mountains, Cheile Turzii/Turda Gorge and Vadu Crisului in Bihor county.

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    More via ferrata routes in Romania can be found at Each with detailed GPS coordinates, difficulty grades, and so on.

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