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The year 2016 has proven to be an amazing one so far for tourism in Romania, with the international press and influential bloggers publishing more and more articles related to Romania and our iconic attractions and tourist areas that are becoming “must travel to” destinations for travellers worldwide. Another great piece of news is that Romania is now the newest destination of the largest sightseeing company on planet earth – Gray Line, a strong proof that our country is gaining the interest of international travellers in constant search for unique and exciting travel destinations and Romania certainly has what to offer!

Mr. Tripp is now also Gray Line Romania, we have a fresh image but remain the perfect travel partner for travellers wishing to explore the sights and attractions that make Romania a unique and special destination for a holiday. Since 1910, Gray Line has been a trusted provider of traveler experiences and sightseeing tours in the world’s most sought after locations covering six continents with hundreds of local offices worldwide and now an office in Bucharest, on charming Victoria Avenue. From Paris to Patagonia and the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China, Gray Line now puts Romania on their map of iconic landmarks and hidden gems, encouraging people to find a reason to go explore every corner of the world.macheta-2-gray-line-romania

With each passing year, more and more travellers choose to explore Romania encouraged by great articles they read in famous publications like Lonely Planet, the Sun, the Daily Mail, documentaries they see on Discovery or the Travel Channel, or recommendations given by influential bloggers that travel the world in search of unique places, they all put the limelight on Romania and the results are showing. In 2015 Romania was visited by 9.33 millions tourists, a rise of 10.5% as compared to the year 2014 and the estimations for this year look even more encouraging.

The variety of trips and tours highlighting the unique attractions Romania has to offer includes options for every travellers wishlist: guided Bucharest tours to discover this vibrant and charming city keeping alive the elegance of past decades; day trips to famous regions like stunning Transylvania to explore our medieval heritage and the myth and legend that surround it; city breaks that offer a fascinating mixture of history and culture with a modern touch as you can only find in this part of Europe and an exciting list of adventures: Transfagarasan roadtrip, you cannot miss the most spectacular road in the world according to Top Gear, yachting day on the Black Sea if you have a passion for sailing, adventure parks with fun activities for the entire family and other outdoor activities that you wish to try.

Mr. Tripp, Gray Line Romania offers travellers high quality services and the best options to relax and enjoy their trip to Romania whether they are passionate about outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, traditional flavours or historic landmarks, Romania has it all and our mission is to help travellers explore it. Our tailored tours and trips find the perfect balance between adventure, excitement and relaxation and our young and enthusiastic team is always ready to help with all the necessary arrangements for an amazing trip to Romania.

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