What are the best activities that you can easily plan in the city of Goa?


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Normally, people think that Goa is all about the beaches, but actually, it is not so because it is the optimum combination of majestic historical forts, age-old churches, seafood, nightlife, parties, markets and, most importantly, the enticing vibe provided by it. So, it is definitely advisable for people to plan a trip to the city of Goa, and ultimately, booking a room at Holiday Inn Goa is definitely a good idea so that everybody can enjoy a good number of activities. Following are some of the very basic things that you should plan in the city of Goa:


  1. Indulging in Beach Fun: Whenever people think about Goa, the very first thing which will come to their mind is the beach. So, one of the best possible things that you should pursue in the city of Goa is to proceed with sunbaths, water sports and the sundown parties which are on the seaside so that you can enjoy a lot. It is definitely important for people to make a comprehensive list of the beaches to be visited both in north and South Goa so that everybody can enjoy a lot.
  2. Exploring the majestic historical fort: The city of Goa is completely full of spectacular forts that will provide people with the exemplification of the magnifications, architectural brilliance and glorious past of the region. Much more than anything else, it is definitely advisable for people to proceed with this particular point so that everybody can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings.
  3. Visiting Basilica of Bom Jesus: This is one of the most exciting things to be done, which you should include in your Goa itinerary because this is very well included in the UNESCO World Heritage site as well. This place comes with a non-placed exterior along with an ornamented interior, and the major highlight of this particular place is the Mummy fight body of Saint Francis Xavier, which remains in the silver casket.
  4. Checking out the UNESCO World Heritage sites: the City of Goa is much more than the parties and the element of beach because it comes with a good number of UNESCO World Heritage sites as well. This place very well justifies the rich heritage and colonial legacy of the region, and spending time at all of these places will definitely be worth it. If you are interested in having a good understanding of the places of worship, then definitely proceeding with the internet research is a good idea so that everything will be perfectly carried out without any doubt.
  5. Paying a visit to the historical temples: Whenever you are done with the beach hopping and party, then you should definitely proceed with exploring the majestic temples in Goa. This place comes with a good number of wonderful temples, and ultimately, you should proceed with the architectural splendour along with spiritual glory and Tranquillity without any issue. Visiting the Mangeshi temple, Shanta Durga temple, Mahadev temple, and Brahma Temple is definitely important for you so that you can have the perfect religious trip as well.
  6. Proceeding with the pubbing and clubbing: Another very important thing to be done whenever you are in Goa is to proceed with the element of clubbing because this will be helpful in eliminating the stress, and ultimately, you will be able to grab your perfect drink in hand. Best of the nightclubs are very well present in the city of Goa, which ultimately provide you with the best possible experience of the party for your lifetime.
  7. Local dining options: Another very important thing that you should carry out in the city of Goa is to go for local dining options so that you can perfectly discover the GOAN food. This particular food is basically a delicacy and light itself and ultimately will be able to provide you with the best possible satisfaction to the taste buds along with an element of pampering. The list of restaurants in this particular case will be very big, which is the main reason that we will need to choose the best options so that they can give almost all of them and ultimately enjoy the local delicacies very successfully.
  8. Giving your luck try at the casino: If you think that you are very lucky, then definitely you should go to that casino because in this case, you will be definitely able to enjoy a lot of prices and the floating casinos over here very well help in providing you with a world full of games entertainment and fun simultaneously. So, visiting this place is definitely a good idea, and the approximate fees are also very much genuine, which ultimately provides you with a good number of facilities at all times. So, if you are interested in enjoying the thrill of casinos, then definitely visiting Goa for this particular purpose is a good idea.
  9. The thrill of water sports: If you are an adventure lover, then definitely you should go to Goa for the water sports provided by it. Proceeding with kitesurfing, scuba-diving, kayaking, banana boat, parasailing, snorkelling, and other associated things is definitely a good idea for you so that everybody will be able to spend the best time over here. A significant range of fun and adventurous activities over here will definitely provide you with the best possible benefits, and ultimately, this will be a perfect thrill factor in itself.
  10. Visiting the Naval Aviation Museum: If you are a history lover along with aviation, then visiting this place is definitely important. This particular museum comes with a significant world of Naval aviation and ultimately provides you with the best opportunity to take a look at some of the usual machines which are present over here, along with a good number of show documentaries shown in the mini theatre.


In addition to the points mentioned above, Holiday Inn Goa offers a breath-taking view of the city which will make the entire trip much more worth it. Far from this, you can easily enjoy the best element of safety at all times, which will be definitely helpful in making your trip the best one to date.


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