What city shelters the biggest Baroque edifice in Romania?

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The biggest Roman Catholic cathedral in Romania, built in Baroque style is located at the heart of Oradea city (western Romania). The cathedral also shelters a pipe organ, several hundreds years old, which was given as a gift to the Roman Catholic Bishopric by Empress Maria Theresa.

Pope John Paul II gave the cathedral the basilica rank in 1991.

The beautiful Assumption of Mary cathedral lies only several steps for Oradea downtown, in the park of the former Tara Crisurilor Museum.

The pipe organ dates back in 1780, the precise year when the building has been commissioned. It was built by the imperial court’s master Fridonim Festle, and it was considered the biggest pipe organ in Central Europe at that time, having 2,054 pipes.

The cathedral also shelters a museum set up 23 years ago which hosts objects that are hundreds years old and have a high historical value.

The legend says the basilica shelters the body of King Ladislaus, the seventh king of Hungary and the one who founded the cathedral. A fragment of the Saint Ladislaus’ skull is resting in a box adorned with jewels dating back in the 18th century, designed in Ausburg, Germany.cupola basilica oradea

The cathedral’s cupola ranks among its most valuable and spectacular parts, as it was designed by the painter of the Bavarian Royal Court. It represents the Heaven’s embodiment in Baroque style.

Another attraction is unveiled by the 14 painting representing the Jesus Christ’s Stations of the Cross. The stained glasses and the balconies are also valorizing the basilica’s grandeur, according to Digi 24.

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