What is the most expensive booking made by a Romanian this summer?

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Romanians are mainly using European destinations for their summer holiday, with most of the trips occurring in July. The highest sum allotted by a Romanian family for their summer vacation in South America was EUR 4,500, Tripsta reveals.

According to the data provided by the online booking agency, men are booking more than women, while both are choosing the same cities as favorite destinations.

In terms of destinations abroad, they kept on changing from one month to another, but Rome, Amsterdam and Athens topped the chart in June, Athens, Barcelona and Milan in July and Amsterdam, Athens and Barcelona in August.

Romanians have spent EUR 223 on the average for booking this summer, with the most expensive booking being for a ten-day trip to Mexico City for four adults and a child, with EUR 4,479.79 being paid.

As for the summer domestic trips, especially business ones, they focused on the Capital City. So, Bucharest was the most booked destination overall during the three summer months, but some also picked Timisoara as one of the main destinations in August.

Romanians used to plan their journeys in good time, the average time between booking and leaving for summer holidays being 40 days. They were on holiday 13 days on the average, while the average age of those making the bookings was 37 years old.

Most of the people making the booking for the summer holidays were men (58%) and 42% women. 77% of the online bookings were made from PC desktops. Only 15% used mobile devices and 8% used iOS app.

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