What spoils Romanians’ vacation most often?


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When planning a new vacation, the last thing we want to think about is that there might be problems that could cause us to cancel our stay or not be able to enjoy it as much as we’d like. Besides, it doesn’t even feel like a vacation anymore when the mood isn’t the best.

According to an opinion survey carried out by an online hotel platform, among the main factors that can affect their vacation are: the occurrence of an unpleasant event in the family (death, accident, etc.), the poor health of a member of the group holiday, the conditions offered by the accommodation unit, in particular the inadequate standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the room, the unfavorable weather conditions, but also the unwelcoming attitude of the staff of an accommodation unit.

Travelminit.ro has analyzed in a complex report which are the main elements that can influence, for better or for worse, the vacation of Romanians, but also what tourists want from a stay.

Romanians and vacations: how they travel and what motivates them 

According to the survey, Romanians go on vacation most often with their family (54.4%), with their partner (33.4%), with friends (8.5%) or travel alone (3.6%).

When it comes to the decision to go on vacation, both for tourists traveling with family and for those traveling with friends or partners, the need for relaxation and rest (voted by 46.6% of the respondents to the survey) occupies the first position in the ranking of the factors that lead them to book a stay. The desire to discover new places (voted by 13.3% of respondents), children’s vacation (voted by 6.7% of respondents), but also visiting family members, performing spa treatments, public holidays, cultural events (festivals, fairs, etc.) .) or business delegations, voted in a smaller percentage.

What Romanian tourists like and dislike when they go on vacation 

At the same time, the participants in the questionnaire also chose the factors that help them have a very good vacation and that influence their mood throughout the stay. Among them are: the positioning of the accommodation unit (62%), which should be as close as possible to the beach or tourist attractions of interest, the welcoming attitude of the staff (50.65%), the SPA facilities included in the price of the accommodation (50 .7%), favorable weather conditions (37.8%), additional facilities or services (30%), such as table tennis, billiards, etc.

However, there are also some obstacles that prevent them from going on vacation, and on the list of reasons we find: insufficient budget (40.64%), lack of free time/possibility to take leave (15%), the state of their health or that of their loved ones (10.6%).

On the other hand, even if they can’t go on vacation for various reasons, respondents to the questionnaire say they can find alternative activities: outdoor walks (32.3%), watching movies/series (11.1%), gardening (6.6% ) or fishing (6.5%). At the same time, 19.8% of respondents claim that they would try to find a solution to continue traveling.

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