Where are Romanians spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve?


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The winter vacation is only a couple of weeks away: where are Romanians going this festive season? There are more trips this year: compared to 2022, the number of bookings for travels around Christmas and New Year’s increased by 45.7%, seeing Romanians traveling more this winter vacation, according to a travel-tech company’s report on insights about popular destinations and travel habits.

The most popular destinations are in Italy, the UK, France, Spain and Germany, while the most visited cities this season are London, Paris, Milan, Brussels and Rome.

Romanians are eager to spend Christmas morning already at their preferred destinations, as the most popular travel date is Christmas Eve, December 24th. Moreover, a lot of them are planning to extend their vacations, traveling already on the 21st and 22nd of December.

This year, they planned their winter vacation ahead, with the average booking window being 60 days, considerably higher than last year’s winter average of 24 days. 64% of Romanians have booked their tickets 21 to 60 days in advance, while 30% of them booked 61 to 121 days before departure.

They are also planning to spend a lot of this year’s festive season away, with the average stay for those booking return tickets being 10 days. City-breaks of up to 3 days are still preferred by 44% of Romanians, but there is an increase in longer stays, of 4 to 6 days (17%), 7 to 10 days (16%), 11 to 14 days (11%), while 12% will spend 15 to 30 days away.

While there is a small increase compared to last year, the average price paid by Romanians for their flight tickets is 131 euros this season, with those flying short-haul paying 96 euros, on average, while long-hauls sit at an average of 633 euros. Nevertheless, and although longer travels require bigger bags, the majority of Romanians – 30% – spent just up to 100 euros on flight tickets that include ancillaries such as bags or priority boarding, while 27% of them spent between 100 and 200 euros.

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