Which are the most visited tourist spots in Brasov?

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Bran Castle and the Black Church, along with Rasnov and Fagaras fortresses have been the most visited tourist sights in Brasov county last year. Around 2 million Romanian and foreign tourists have visited these spots, an upward trend as against 2017.

Bran Castle still ranks as the first most visited tourist attraction in Brasov. One million tourists have crossed its threshold in 2018, 1 pc more as against 2017.

The second most visited sight in Brasov is Rasnov Fortress, boasting about 450,000 in 2018, by 30,000 more than in 2017. Find more about this impressive citadel here.

The number of tourists visiting the Black Church has been also up last year, around 308,000 in 2018, with 143, 696 foreign tourists. Read more about this iconic old church here.

Besides the Black Church in the city of Brasov, Council Square/Piata Sfatului remains an extremely visited area, also due to the cultural events hosted here, from festivals and concerts to fairs and exhibitions. At the same time, the square and Republicii Street accommodate the largest number of cafes and restaurants, which also lure a high number of tourists.

Fagaras Fortress starts attracting more and more tourists from one year to another. 157,000 people visited it last year, as against 130,000 in 2017.

Brasov county ranks first on number of tourists in the Centre Region and third countrywide, after Bucharest and Constanta.

Read about some of these exquisite travel destinations in Brasov (but also about Peles Castle in Prahova county) in one of our previous posts.

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