Wider beaches in Mamaia, Eforie and Constanta

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The expansion of beaches in Mamaia, Constanta and Eforie seaside resorts is almost ready. The constructor taking care of the expansion, who was also designed the famous island in Dubai, informed the works would be concluded by the end of the year. The beach expansion project was conducted with EUR 170m European funds and practically is designing new beach portions covering 33 hectares. Five areas in Constanta, Mamaia and Eforie have been enlarged up to 100 meters.

Thus, the beach in Mamaia is now five times wider, from a 20m width to 100m.

A total of 3 millions cubic meters of sand were brought offshore the Black Sea for the extensions. Several underwater and surface dams have been also built up, which will keep away the sea tides from the shore. Due to the new dams, the sea fauna will regenerate and the color fo the sea will change to a more azure shade.

The rehabilitation of the other Romanian coast beaches will most probably start as of next year, within a EUR 500m project.

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