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Travel-tech company is looking for six new team members for a 4-week summer job to travel the world as World Travel Hackers. This is possibly the most wanted job of the summer as the successful applicants will also get to travel with a like-minded travel buddy of their choice and be given a €10,000 budget to fund their travels.

Across the four weeks, the successful six and their travel buddies will complete special travel challenges decided by in partnership with Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments. Successful candidates will need the skills to film, photograph and share their adventures and top hacks by producing social media content. Whatever they save from the €10,000 budget after completing all the challenges, they will get to keep. Examples of such travel challenges may include: Booking a cheap flight to anywhere in under 3 minutes on the app; eating the national dish of 5 countries in 3 days in each country’s capital city; finding a single destination to travel to where it’s possible to visit a concert, a sports event and an amusement park all in one day – with help on hand from the Visa Concierge service.

This job is not for everyone but we think everyone will want it! It’s not for the too comfortable, or anyone too afraid to do things others only talk about; it’s for those that have the spirit of adventure, know how to find clever ways to travel for less and enjoy creating entertaining content for social media so they can share their travel hack advice and everyone can benefit,” said Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial Officer, whose team will be hiring the roles. “We are really looking forward to having these special summer recruits as part of the team and don’t doubt this is the summer job of a lifetime,” he added.

Visa is accepted at millions of locations around the world, bringing travelers a seamless, secure and convenient payment experience wherever they go. Paying with Visa abroad uses the same high-tech, anti-fraud systems as at home, so payments are just as safe when traveling,” said Josef Kunčar, Acceptance & Acquirers Director at Visa for Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. ”We are excited about this newly formed partnership with and we are looking forward to following the exploits of the six selected duos and what are going to be some very exciting travel stories as they travel the world,” he adds.

Recent research studies have shown that becoming an influencer or a YouTuber is among the top jobs for young people, especially for Gen Z. According to pre-covid research, from the UK, becoming a social media influencer (17%) and YouTuber (14%) were the 2nd and the 3rd most desired career choices. Further research from Google query data found that being a YouTuber and Influencer is among the top 10 most desired jobs globally. In some countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain these are the most searched-for careers.

Mixing work and travel is a trend that has rapidly become popular. A consumer survey in Central Europe showed that two out of three participants believe that traveling and working simultaneously positively affects their mental health.  Specifically, 38.6% said that exploring a new place helps them to release stress and makes them happier, which has a positive reflection on their job, while 30.3% answered that traveling opens new perspectives and works as inspiration for new ideas.

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