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Trials from the five-judge panels at the Supreme Court, deferred

A civil-law five-judge panel has postponed all ten trials before the Supreme Court on Monday, among whom there were also the trials of judge Camelia Bogdan, of former DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi, of ex-minister Elena Udrea, or former DIICOT head, Alina Bica.

Camelia Bogdan and Laura Codruta Kovesi appeals to the disciplinary reports of the Judicial Inspectorate were pending before the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

The president of the court panel has announced that, in compliance with the ruling by the leadership college of the High Court, no court hearings will be granted to the files before the court on Monday, and that all trials are to be randomly assigned to the newly set up panels.

Judge Camelia Bogdan, attending the hearing on Monday, said that it is for the first time in history when a panel that is sitting and not judging. She announced she would challenge the CSM and the Judicial Inspectorate’s report.

In his turn, Elena Udrea’s lawyer Veronel Radulescu said that his client would be released if the conviction ruling in Bucharest was overruled.

„Theoretically and legally, she would be released, for her remand was taken based on that conviction about which the Constitutional Court was saying it is unconditionally void”, Udrea’s defender said.

The section for judges within the Superior Council of Magistracy recommended the Supreme Court last week „to hold as soon as possible a new drawing of the five-judge panels, on the condition that, this time, the panels should be six, three for the civil law and three for the criminla law cases. All files will be assigned to these new panels.

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