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Two American basketball players kicked out from sports club in Braila without being paid

Two American basketball players have been kicked off from a sports club in Romania, without being paid this season. Basketball player, Joshua Keyes, has posted a message on Facebook, revealing that the Cuza Sport Club Braila management has decided to get rid of them, without pay, ziare.com repots.

“While playing the best basketball in my career, Averaging 24 points a game, 8 rebounds and 4 assists and 2 steals. My teammate and I are being told to leave from Braila, Romania by Friday. Without any pay for this season, without plane tickets. As I quote, “You’re on Your Own After Friday.” This is a breach of contract at an extreme level. My message to everyone is please be aware of the “filth” that occurs in this industry. I won a championship here in Braila last year. You would think that they would have more respect for me as an individual but they don’t. During the first week of my arrival, two of my teammates were brutally stabbed in a club, right in front of my eyes. They both were placed in critical condition, they fought and regained their health. One of them my roommate went home, the other had to stay because he was a flight risks and was stabbed in the lung. At this time the team Cuza Sport Braila, BEGGED me to stay, “please stay, we need you, everything is going to be okay”. My family and loved ones immediately wanted me to come home. I chose to stay because my teammate someone that i had just met needed me here, it appeared that the club needed me too. I stayed and was playing the best basketball of my career, I decided to stop playing until I was paid, I agreed to stay and play but not for free. Once they realized that they couldn’t use me anymore, this is the situation that I am left with. I don’t want your sorrow, or your pity, this story needs to be heard. Professional Athletes Wake Up, At All Times do what’s best for you and your family.

This is my story,” is the message posted by Joshua Keyes on the social network.

According to the source, Joshua Keyes has left Romania Monday evening to return to the United States.

The incident he is referring to, as two of his teammates were stabbed, took place at mid-September.

As ‘Romania Journal’ reported, two basketball players were stabbed in Braila, eastern Romania, on a terrace, during the night of Saturday to Sunday (September 15-16). One of them was seriously injured and was transported to the Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest. His name is Darrel Bowie and had one lung perforated. He underwent surgery.

Two American basketball players, Darrel Bowie and Joseph McClain, playing with a basketball team in Braila (ACS Cuza Sport Braila), were stabbed. The Americans were hit with bottles and a knife, being later transported in serious condition to the hospital. It seems they had a conflict with unknown persons. The colleagues of the two basketball players witnessed the scene.

Joseph McClain (24), one of the two American basketball bats stabbed, had a first reaction after the incident. He said that he and his colleague, Darrel Bowie, have done nothing wrong and that they were, in fact, the victims of a racist attack.

Representatives of the Cuza Sport Club, presented the first information from the prosecutors’ investigation and said that the athletes were attacked without reason by a large group of individuals, 8-9 individuals. “We want to make it clear that this incident did not start, as is speculated in the press, because of a woman from the group of attackers, as the athletes came in a small group, not interfering with anyone else in the pub,” the Cuza Sport club statement read.


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