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Two more cities, interested in joining the Western Alliance

After the past weekend mayors of Timisoara – Nicolae Robu, Cluj-Napoca – Emil Boc, Arad – Gheorghe Falca and Oradea – Ilie Bolojan had signed the establishment of the Western Alliance, an initiative which targets to draw up funds from the EU budget in view of economic development and on which the mayor of Resita also voiced intention to join, on Tuesday other two cities expressed willingness to adhere.

Iasi mayor Mihai Chirica is interested in an association with the Western Alliance, saying he has written to Emil Boc, the mayor of Cluj to propose a „trans-Carpathian association” since early November.

Why in Cluj? The desire is to link two historical provinces, which, somehow brought the unionist stream 100 years ago from the east to Transylvania, crossing the Carpathians”, Chirica told Digi24.

The mayor of Iasi says he has received no answer yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

He argues that such an alliance could help such projects as the A8 motorway to link Moldavia to the rest of the country.

We can become a voice easier to hear in Brussels than in Bucharest, for it seems that all eardrums are clogged up there in the Capital. My hope is that more voices, regardless of their political colors, all mayors who have served the citizens’ interests can find their place in an alliance on both sides of the Carpathians”, Chirica said.

In her turn, Sibiu mayor, Astrid Fodor has stated that the Western Alliance can be interested also for Sibiu.

The mayor said that there have been no talks yet with the four city halls in the Western Alliance to extend the partnership also to the central region, but added that the initiative could be of interest, as Sibiu also has the goal of the A1 motorway being concluded.

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