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Uber rolls out upfront fares in Romania

Uber rolls out upfront fares in Romania

As of Wednesday, February 14th, US-based Uber introduces upfront pricing in Romania, a press release informs. Passengers will be shown in the app the exact fare, before requesting a ride, for more clarity and an improved rider experience. Up to now, users could only see an estimated cost.

Thus, a ride from Dristor to the North Railway Station, during rush hour, will cost RON 15,63, while a ride from Victoria Square to the airport will be RON 26,09.

Once the destination has been entered in the app, the fare displayed will include: distance to the destination, including multiple stops; estimated time based on historical traffic values; dynamic pricing, if the case; any promotional discounts.

When surge pricing occurs, Uber app will show an exact amount along with the message that the fares are increased as a result of high demand. When dynamic price exceeds 3 times the usual fare, users will be notified about this and asked to confirm.

If passengers change their destination, add a stop during the ride or the time spent in the car is longer than the estimated one, the app will adjust the total value of the ride.

Uber and online taxi applications are in a struggle with both Romanian taxi drivers and the City Hall of Bucharest, the latter wanting to ban certain forms of taxi practice by invoking unfair competition


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