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Kelemen Hunor, sole candidate for UDMR presidency at the Congress in April

UDMR-PSD talks on new cabinet. Hunor: We’ll decide on January 29 if we support the Dancila cabinet

UDMR Chairman Kelemen Hunor had talks on Tuesday with PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and PM designate Viorica Dancila, stating after the meeting that the issue of joining the Government has been closed after the elections and has not been reopened neither by UDMR, nor by PSD.

“We haven’t discussed this topic, it’s been closed last year from our viewpoint, right after the elections. They have the majority, the arithmetic is simple and the issue hasn’t been opened neither by us, not by PSD, not yesterday, not today, it’s only rumours,” the UDMR leader said.

Kelemen Hunor said UDMR has two State Secretaries, with the Education and Interethnic Relations Directorate, and wants to have them further. “It’s a tradition for the past 27-28 years for us to have people in these positions. We do not envisage changes.”

On the other hand, Kelemen Hunor said UDMR is waiting for the governing programme and the list of cabinet members in order to decide on the vote for Dancila Government.

“We will wait for the governing programme, we will wait for the cabinet list, because we haven’t discussed the ministers, but it is important that we had the opportunity to talk to PM designate Mrs. Dăncilă, to listen to what she is going to do if she gets the Parliament vote. We will take the decision on Monday, January 29. I’ve summoned a meeting of the groups on Monday at 12.00h or immediately after the hearings by the committees,” the UDMR leader stressed.

Kelemen Hunor also said that the PM designate Viorica Dăncilă has presented briefly the governing programme.

In her turn, PM designate Viorica Dancila said “I have presented the governing programme, I have stated that we will continue the programme, I have answered the many questions on different fields of activity.”


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