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UNPR to have separate parliamentary group from PSD

UNPR will have a separate parliamentary group, as of February, from the Social-democratic Party (PSD), both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, information confirmed by UNPR leader Gabriel Oprea for digi24.ro.
“In the next parliamentary session PSD and UNPR will be partners, but technically speaking we will operate separately. After the merger with PPDD other MPs have joined us, the number of UNPR MPs has grown. We are now 21 in the Senate and 42 in the Chamber of Deputies,” UNPR Senator Haralambie Voichitoiu said on Thursday.
The UNPR members have already submitted the documents to parliament, requesting a separate group from PSD.
The Social-democrats have gathered in Sinaia on Thursday to discuss the future relationship with UNPR. The executive committee is to decide upon an alliance with the party led by Gabriel Oprea before the local elections or if they run alone in elections. According to sources, the main current within the party says PSD should not conclude any alliance before the elections.
UNPR will have a similar meeting on Friday.

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