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Update: 4.5 and 3.9 degrees earthquakes shake Romania

A 3.9 degrees quake took place Thursday morning at 3.45h, in the Black Sea, at a depth of 27 km, the National Institute of Earth Physics (INFP) informs. The Euro-Mediterranean Seismologic Centre points to a magnitude of 3.2 degrees and a depth of 12 km, which took place 205 km north of Istanbul, 170 km east of Varna, Bulgaria and 143 km from Shabla, Bulgaria.

The tremor came only hours after the one on Wednesday evening, when an earthquake of magnitude of 4.5 on Richter scale occurred in Vrancea region at 20:15h, at the depth of 145 km, as INFP announced. Initially the quake was considered of 5.0 degrees magnitude, but was revised shortly after.

The seism took place near the cities of Covasna (12km), Întorsura Buzăului (25km), Târgu Secuiesc (27km), Nehoiu (35km), Sfîntu Gheorghe (52km), but it was also felt in Ploiești, Buzău, Brăila, Tecuci, Ciucurova (Tulcea), but in some areas in Bucharest as well (Calea Văcărești, Bucur Obor, Crângași), according to Digi24.

The biggest earthquake last year took place on February 8, in Vrancea, and had a magnitude of 5, being felt in Bucharest.

INFP honorary director Gheorghe Mărmureanu, yet assured that these types of earthquakes are not concerning, as a seism in Vrancea region would only be dangerous if its magnitude mounts over 7.1 degrees.

Five days ago, Măarmureanu said that the future big earthquake that will take place in Romania will be deeper, similar to the one in 1802, and this will be the luck of our country.

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