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Update: Contradictory statements on the presence of military prosecutor in Victoriei Square. Interior Minister argues she did nothing wrong

Interior Minister, Carmen Dan (photo), says she has nothing to reproach herself after the violent incidents on Friday night, when the Gendarmerie intervened brutally to disperse the protesters in Victoriei Square.

“What I said on Saturday remains valid. Lately, I have heard many inventions, that I have constituted various cells, committees. I think there are some people who want to get rid of the Minister of the Interior and the Government. (…) I have not exceeded my attributions in any way. (…) I have nothing to reproach myself. I did what a responsible minister had to do,” Carmen Dan said Tuesday morning.

Military prosecutor coordinator… or not

Interior Minister, Carmen Dan, said the chiefs of operative missions were in the Victoriei Square and the Gendarmerie coordinated their intervention under the supervision of a military prosecutor.

“The Gendarmerie coordinated all interventions in the square under the supervision of a military prosecutor. I said it on Saturday – the heads of the operational missions were in the square, it was an entire device to coordinate the intervention – all under the supervision of a military prosecutor,” said Minister Carmen Dan.

She was later contradicted by a prosecutor, who said there was no prosecutor that day to coordinate the gendarmes.

Ionel Corbu, the prosecutor dealing with the file regarding the violence on August 10, said that no military prosecutor was on that day with the gendarmes to oversee the intervention, as Carmen Dan said, and that the Gendarmerie asked for assistance only on August 11.

“On the afternoon of August 11, a request was received from the Gendarmerie Directorate of the Municipality of Bucharest and it was also answered, in the sense that this approach to designate a prosecutor to be part of the mobile command centre goes beyond the professional competence and deontology. I assure you, no prosecutor from the Bucharest Military Prosecutor’s Office was part of the advanced mobile command centre. (…) None of my colleagues was mandated to do so, to participate effectively with the gendarmes in the monitoring of the mission, this would go beyond the competencies,” said Ionel Corbu, First Prosecutor with the Military Prosecutor’s Office, the structure that investigates the gendarmes’ intervention during the protests.

The prosecutor also said that the participation of a Military Prosecutor’s Office representative in such events is not provided by the law.

Gendarmerie reveals minute on prosecutor’s presence, prosecutor denies coordinating the intervention

The Romanian Gendarmerie has made available to the press the minute of ex-officio notification to military prosecutor Bogdan Pirlog, which reads that he arrived at the rally in Piata Victoriei after watching the images broadcast by the media. However, the prosecutor claims, in a statement for ‘Libertatea’ newspaper, that he did not coordinate the intervention.

“There is no procedure, we have no competence and we are not to coordinate and I did not do such a thing. There is no ‘overseeing’,” the prosecutor said.

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