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Update: EC President voices concern over EU future, says investments make no sense without respect of the rule of law. The conclusions of the summit

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has hosted the third Three Seas Initiative Summit at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday, an event attended by the EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker, nine heads of state, and by the US Energy Secretary, Rick Perry.

EC President Jean-Claude Juncker has addressed the summit’s plenary session on Tuesday, stating that Europe starts being breathless for it doesn’t breathe with its two lungs anymore, the eastern and the western ones. He proposed the focus should be put on cooperation, to use a common language for East and West.

Juncker said the EU supports the Three Seas Initiative, while asking Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to encourage „new ways of communication between the two lungs” of the continent.

Juncker pointed out that the projects designed within the summit would be endorsed, that the development of the transport infrastructure is also considered, particularly in this region, while also underlining that respecting the rule of law is essential.

Talking about infrastructure, the EC president exemplified with the project between Poland and Lithuania, saying it can be used a connection pattern among European countries.

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Juncker announced that EUR 150 billion will be invested between the Adriatic and the Black Sea, with EUR 2.5 billion being granted for the development of the infrastructure („Corina Cretu is in charge of this”, he added), but also in energy and natural gas supply and transport.

In the end, Juncker stressed that „respecting the rule of law is essential.” Investments make no sense if the respect for the rule of law is missing. When the rule of law is at issue, there are always sneezes in the room,  he pointed out.

The EC head talked in three languages, English, French and German, underlining they are equally important languages within the European Union.

In his turn, President Klaus Iohannis has stated that the potential of developing the interconnectivity must fully exploited, with focus on transports, energy and the digital market.

We planned within this initiative to prioritize transport, energy and the digital market. Here lies the best opportunity to enhance interconnectivity. I think we should fully exploit this potential in close cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic partners and with the European and international financial institutions,” Iohannis stated.

In a press conference ending up the event, the Romanian president said that the summit “has been excellent, despite our domestic policy difficulties” and that it had “concrete results”.

It has been a successful reunion, with concrete results. I am glad we managed to have an excellent Summit despite out domestic policy difficulties, in Romania’s benefit, in the benefit of the citizens and of the economic growth,” the Romanian head of state concluded.

Main goals set

The heads of state and the representatives of the 12 countries that participated in the Three Seas Initiative have decided the main goals of the initiatives, meaning development of the economy, enhancing the EU cohesion and enriching the Transatlantic connections, with the key sectors targeting transport, energy and digitisation.

The participating countries also agreed to sign a letter of intent to set up the Investment Fund of the Three Seas Initiative by the relevant financial institutions, a fund which will enable the facilitation and the financing of the priority interconnection projects.

Minister in Dancila Cabinet congratulates President Iohannis for the summit

Minister of Public Finance, Eugen Teodorovici, has said on Tuesday that Dancila Gov’t is doing its job despite political debates, while also congratulating President Iohannis for the Three Seas Initiative Summit.

Congratulations Mr. President for the initiative and for the way he presents and delivers messages on Romania’s behalf during this type of event. This is the way things should be done in Romania. We must learn to be mature and to understand that our duty is mainly to fight for this country and nothing else. We don’t have to love each other, or like each other, we are politicians in the service of this country. What our grudge is we must not do it in the public space for otherwise the message given to the ordinary man would only induce more hatred, fight and instability. When there are projects for Romania, even if we are the greatest enemies we can shake our hands for those goals,” said FinMin Teodorovici in a press statement made at the summit.

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