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Update – Embassy of Sweden: Registration plates are valid in the EU, receiving countries decide the vehicles allowed to travel

The Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest denies the information in the Romanian press, according to which the personalized registration plates in Sweden would not be allowed outside the borders of the northern state, in a message posted Sunday night on the Facebook page.

“This weekend some Romanian media sites reported that Swedish personalised car license plates are not allowed to be used outside the borders of Sweden. The claims were referring to a Swedish registered car with personalised car plates that received much media attention the past weeks. The articles spread in social media and through several media sites that failed to verify the information or truthfulness of the claims. Some of the websites have later deleted or updated their articles.

The Embassy of Sweden in Romania would like to clarify that personalised car plates issued by the Swedish Transport Agency are valid for travelling in the European Union. Personalised car plates should always be accompanied by the official documents for both the original and personalised car plates,” the embassy’s message reads.

Later in the day, the Embassy has updated the information, “after contacts this morning with the responsible authority, the Swedish Transport Agency, we would like to clarify the following:

– According to the Swedish Transport Agency, personalised car plates are valid to travel with, also outside the borders of Sweden.

– Owners of personalised car plates should bring the original plates, in order to have the possibility to change them in case the receiving country do not accept the personalised plate.

– Receiving countries decide what kind of vehicles that are allowed to travel in their countries. Swedish authorities can not influence what vehicles receiving countries allow on their roads.”

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the owner of the car  registered in Sweden with preferential plates M…PSD (blow… to PSD), was stopped by a police crew Monday morning, which suspended his driving license and took over the license plates, although the Swedish Embassy said they are valid in all EU countries. The driver accuses the abuses.

“They said they took my plates because they are not valid, none of them. On Friday they said they were valid, today they are not valid and they said the driving license is suspended. That’s the law. Because that’s written in the law, they say I drove an unregistered vehicle. (…) I also have a letter from the Swedish Registry confirming that I can drive in Europe. I also called the Embassy after the attempt on July 18 to take my plates, I was told I am allowed to drive. I’m going to get my driving license back, to get my plates back. I believe this is an abuse. I think I was being followed. A night before there was a police motorcycle driving around my block. I was stopped in the morning. They came directly to me and asked me to remove the plates. They just took the papers and told me to remove the plates. I did not want to do this so they took them out, I’ve filmed them,” Răzvan Ştefănescu said.

The Romanian, who has attracted appreciations and criticism in recent weeks, has been travelling around the country with a car registered in Sweden, having the Swedish registration plates M..EPSD.

At the end of last week he arrived in Craiova and a local newspaper announced that a criminal file has been opened on the man for driving a car whose registration plates are not valid in our country. The Dolj Police denied the information.

Răzvan Ştefănescu has two registration plates, one official and one preferential, issued in Sweden.

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