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Update: ING Bank solves customers’ problems regarding duplicated transactions

ING announced on Monday its website that “some of the card transactions on October 5 and 6 have been duplicated. The situation will be remedied no later than tomorrow. ”

Several clients of ING Bank had trouble with the accounts, claiming that the bank has duplicated their transactions in the past three days and that some of them have found out their accounts are on the red. Bank representatives confirmed that they have problems and say that the duplicated transactions will be settled soon, europafm.ro reports.

An ING Bank Romania release informed later that, on Monday, “shortly after 14:00h, we have identified the duplication of some transactions made by card and processed on that day.

The bank has identified the urgent situations of some clients and discussed with them in order to rectify the transactions and adjust the customer’s account as quickly as possible. The error was confirmed as being operational, without impact on other bank processes. The customers will not bear costs for these situations, as commissions or fees.

All transactions have been rectified corrected and the amounts settled by 21.00h the same day.

As a result of this situation, the volume of traffic on the internet banking ING Home’Bank platform increased considerably, which has led to more difficult access to the application.

ING Bank sincerely regrets the discomfort that clients have experienced during these hours and will take the necessary steps to prevent such incidents in the future,” the release concludes.

On Monday, the ING call-center was blocked by the calls of many customers who were trying to get information about the problems. Some clients claimed on social networks that they have found out there is no money in their ING accounts due to the transactions that have been duplicated by an error.


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