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Update: Nicusor Dan resigns from USR, three reasons for his decision

Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Nicusor Dan has voiced his intention to resign from the helm of the party on Wednesday night after the members of the party’s National Bureau decided by vote to be against the Constitution revision to re-define the family concept. After the vote, Nicusor Dan left the meeting, announcing he will resign.

Nicusor Dan said on Thursday he has resigned from USR leadership and from the party for three reasons, the most important being related to honour, namely that he promised people there will be enough room in USR both for the progressionists and for the conservatives.

The first reason, the former USR leader said, is that there are more important things in Romania now than this discussion, saying that “his firm opinion” is that the worst thing that is ongoing is the problem of corruption. “20 years from now they will steal saying they defend the traditions,” he said.

The second reason, Dan continued, is because I feel a duty to the people who voted us. “This theme of the family is a very important theme for them, it is an intimate theme related to identity and the religious feeling,” the deputy said, explaining that the USR was also voted by people who support the referendum to amend the Constitution, and by people who disagree. “It is my firm conviction that the USR must address all of them,” Nicusor Dan said. He added he could have gone over these two reasons, by observing the democratic principle according to which the majority is always right, but the third reason was decisive, related to honour.

“It’s a matter of honour, and that’s what led to my resignation today from USR. It’s nothing dramatic, it’s a structure made by many people. A majority wants to go in one direction with this structure. I don’t believe it’s the right direction. I wish them success,” he said.

On Thursday morning, he confirmed on Facebook that he will resign from the party and that he will explain his move in a press conference at 14:00. “Today as of 14:00hrs I will hold a press conference in the USR’s parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies when I will detail and explain my resignation from USR,” Nicusor Dan says.

The party’s decision on amending the Constitution to re-define family has been voted by 11 votes (against the Constitution amendment) to eight votes and 2 abstentions.

Cristian Ghinea has recently slammed Nicusor Dan for the party’s lack of a clear stance on the Constitution amendment to re-define family.

USR vice-president Cristian Seidler confirmed that the party’s National Bureau decided to vote against amending the Constitution. However, he couldn’t say that this decision was exclusively under the National Bureau’s jurisdiction or it must be reinforced by the National Political Committee.

In his turn, vice-president Elek Levente said that Nicusor Dan would announce his decision on Thursday.


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