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Moldova president Igor Dodon wants to cancel agreement on NLO opening in Chisinau. 'Romania, ready to absorb us at any moment'
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Update: President Igor Dodon says attempts to make Romanian official language in R. of Moldova are inadmissible

Moldovan President Igor Dodon considers inadmissible and illegitimate the attempts to legalize Romanian language as the official language of the Republic of Moldova and proposes the organization of a referendum in this respect, according to a press release from the presidency in Chisinau.

The head of state reminded that in the Constitution of the country, in the census data, in opinion polls and medieval archives Moldovan language is considered as the historical language.

“The Moldovan language is centuries old on our territory, it is a fundamental element of the identity and cultural matrix of the Moldovans. The absolute majority of the native population of the Republic of Moldova believes it speaks in Moldovan language, and if anyone, anywhere has doubts in this regard, we can organize a referendum to ask the citizens what name for the language they prefer: Romanian or Moldovan,” Igor Dodon said.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova has decided on Tuesday that the term ‘Romanian language’ could be used in the Constitution to replace the formulation ‘Moldovan language with Latin script’ currently used to define the official language of the Republic of Moldova, digi24.ro informs.

“From the Court’s report, we were convinced that the draft amendment to Art. 13 of the Constitution may already be submitted to the Parliament and subject to parliamentary procedures, without waiting for the six months stipulated by the regulation regarding the amendment of the Constitution,” said Tudor Deliu, PLDM deputy, quoted by realitatea.md.

He said that a first step was taken to amend article 13 and to establish a historical truth.

“Since 1994, since the adoption of the Constitution, there has been intense debate about the language spoken by the citizens. Even though international linguists have found not only once that the language is Romanian, some still think that it is scientifically called in a way, but different from the political point of view. We believe that those who today represent Moldovan citizens in Parliament will support this draft law to establish or restore a historical truth: the citizens of the Republic of Moldova speak Romanian,” Tudor Deliu said.

PLDM announced on October 12 that it has collected the necessary signatures to initiate the amendment of the Moldovan Constitution so that in the article on the official language the phrase ‘Moldovan language with Latin script’ would be replaced by ‘Romanian language’, the request being transmitted to the Constitutional Court, for a positive opinion.

The amendments to the Constitution require two-thirds of the votes cast, which means 68 votes in parliament.

Dodon: Romania has no money for such an expensive project as the Union

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, told an interview to TASS news agency that the union plans are well hidden in Romania, but in fact Romania has no money for such an expensive project as the Union with Moldova. He argued that in his discussions with the American representatives he remarked the fact they look Chisinau through Romania’s eyes.

When the TASS reporter added that these plans are intensely debated in Moldova as well, Dodon said these discussions are due to the fuss before the elections.

„In reality, Romania has no money for such an expensive project as the Union. We don’t have it either. About 80% of our citizens are against the union, as the opinion polls show. Besides, there is the Transdniester and Gagauzia issues, which will obtain the right to self-determination in this case. I don’t think that the US and the EU will want to pay for the unification of the two countries, which threatens to destabilize the situation in the region, as new problems and new expenses will come up,” the Moldovan President stated, adding that „he has never been against Romania, where our friends and brothers are living”, but that he is against „the dissolution of the Moldovan state”.

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