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Update: Romanian ambassador in Budapest, summoned by the Hungarian MFA over PM Tudose statements on the Szeklers’ autonomy

Update: Romanian ambassador in Budapest, summoned by the Hungarian MFA over PM Tudose statements on the Szeklers’ autonomy

Romanian ambassador in Budapest, Marius Lazurca (photo) was summoned by the Hungarian Foreign Ministry on Friday to give explanations regarding PM Tudose’s statement on the autonomy of the Szeklers Land.

Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto says that the Romanian prime minister’s statements are unacceptable.

According to Digi24.ro, the Romanian ambassador would have tried to give some language explanations reagarding Tudose’s statements, but the Magyar authorities haven’t accepted them and now the Hungary’s Foreign Ministry is waiting for some apologies and further explanations from the Romanian Gov’t.

Asked by the Digi 24 reporter if the Hungarian Government is endorsing the autonomy claimed by the Szeklers in Romania, FM Peter Szijjarto said the topic must be debated, and discussions cannot allow threaten-like statements.

MAE: PM Tudose’s statements point out the need to observe the constitutional and legal order in Romania

The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) says in an official release, after the Romanian ambassador was summoned by the Foreign Ministry in Budapest, that Mihai Tudose’s statements did not have ‘anti-Hungarian valences’, but pointed out, first of all, the need to observe the constitutional and legal order of Romania.

“The statements made by the Prime Minister of Romania draw attention to the responsibility of the central and local authorities in our country to ensure law enforcement without ethnic, anti-Hungarian valences and highlights, first of all, the need to observe the constitutional and legal order in Romania, a unitary, sovereign and indivisible state.

We also notice that the public debate on this subject arises in the context in which the initiatives on various forms of territorial autonomy on the ethnic criterion have multiplied in the latest period, culminating in the signing on January 8 of the Joint Resolution of the Hungarian political organizations in Transylvania, on the alignment of the concepts of autonomy,” the MAE release reads.

Chairman of the Council of Local Elected in Szeklers Land, Antal Arpad: We promise that there will be more Szekler flags!

The Chairman of the Council of Local Elected in Szeklerland, Antal Árpád, calls on Prime Minister Mihai Tudose to apologize after saying on Wednesday evening to Realitatea TV private broadcaster that “there cannot be any” autonomy of the Szeklers Land, and warned that “if the Szekler flag waves on the institutions there, everyone will stand next to the flag.” Antal Árpád qualifies the premier’s statement as “a revolting challenge against the Hungarian community” and says the Council of Local Elected will inform about this the Western Chancelleries to draw attention to the fact that the Romanian state does not respect the fundamental rights of the national communities in Romania.

“The Council is deeply disappointed that at the beginning of the centennial the Prime Minister does not resort to peaceful coexistence between national communities and to resolving historical conflicts and discontents, but incites the Romanian public opinion against the Hungarians and considers the hanging of Hungarians in Romania,” the release reads.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said on Wednesday that the talks on the autonomy of the Szeklers are “outside the law” and that they are “just an attempt to destabilize the unity of Romania in the centennial year.”

“As a Romanian and Prime Minister, I refuse any dialogue about the autonomy of a part of Romania. It is a violation of the Constitution, which guarantees, from the first paragraph, the unity and indivisibility of the Romanian state,” PM Mihai Tudose wrote on Facebook Thursday night.

“I said if the Szekler flags wave on the institutions there, everyone will wave next to the flag. There cannot be such autonomy of the Szeklers Land,” the Premier added.

UDMR’s Hunor: PM Tudose has to retract statements

UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor said on Friday, for RFI, that PM Mihai Tudose has to retract the statements and expects apologizes.

“Statements totally unacceptable. I did not expect Mihai Tudose to make such statements, I was shocked. (…) I believe that such statements – saying that the community members will wave along with the flags, will be hanged, will be killed – cannot remain without consequences. First of all, I expect apologizes from Pm Tudose and to retract what he said,” Kelemen Hunor said.

Earlier on Thursday, UDMR’s executive chairman, Porcsalmi Balint, urged the prime minister to withdraw a series of statements addressed to the militants for the Szeklers’ autonomy.

The leaders of the three parties representing the Hungarian community in Romania, UDMR, PCM and PPMT have signed a joint statement in Cluj on Monday, calling for territorial, local and cultural autonomy. UDMR chairman, Kelemen Hunor, said that “there is a need to amend the Constitution,” given that the fundamental law does not allow territorial autonomy.

UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor said in a joint press conference with the leaders of the two other parties, Biro Zsolt (Hungarian Civic Party – PCM) and Szilagyi Zsolt (Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania – PPMT), that there are three kinds of autonomy which they claim – territorial, local and cultural, which he would like to discuss with the Romanian majority, in this year of the Centenary of the Great Union, and have it legalized.

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