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Update: Ruling coalition loses majority in Lower Chamber – Caras Severin County Chairman Ion Mocioalca, other 3 MPs resign from PSD

Deputy Ion Mocioalca, PSD Caras Severin chairman, has announced the resignation from the party and is to join Pro Romania party, led by former Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

In a post on Facebook, Mocioalca brings serious charges against PSD, after mentioning he is member for almost 24 years, but he is disappointed by the fact that some colleagues have no respect for the PSD Caras Severin efforts to become a strong branch, digi24.ro reports.

“It is unfair and humiliating that I, as other colleagues with PSD, await each party Executive Committee asking ourselves if the moment has come to be questioned and judged by persons who, most of them, have not lived in the party the moments we have lived. This situation I believe is humiliating and intolerable,” Mocioalca wrote.

He has announced his departure, adding that “only during the communist totalitarian regime during Stalin it was said that the deviationist is the one who chooses to go ahead, when the party takes a turn to the right. I prefer to keep the path I’ve chosen 24 years ago with PSD. But now PSD has taken a turn on another way. I want to continue in a European social-democratic party, pro-American, dealing with Romanians’ agenda and not with political fights and personal agendas.”

He tells the former PSD colleagues not to look for the occult parallel state, fake files, affected vanities or former or present political battles, but to look for explanations regarding the future, at what is being built in PSD and beside PSD.

He believes the overwhelming majority of social-democrats share his opinions and hopes the near future will bring them together one way or another.

Ion Mocioalca is one of the social-democrat leaders who signed the letter requesting the immediate resignation of Liviu Dragnea from the PSD helm.

Later in the day, Victor Ponta has announced that other three social-democrats have decided to leave Dragnea’s party, thus leaving the ruling coalition PSD-ALDE without majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

After the resignation of the four Deputies, the PSD group with the Lower Chamber has 144 members. Together with ALDE (19 members) the ruling coalition fails to control the chamber (163 members, by two less than the number needed to build a majority).

“The Pro Romania team in Parliament and in the territory has increased with people that cannot be bought or scared!” the former Prime Minister wrote on Facebook on Monday.

The other three deputies are Ion Spanu (Caras Severin County), Mihai Popa (Brasov County) and Mihai Mohaci (Brasov County).

“Unfortunately, PSD has been seized by a criminal group that is leading the country to disaster,” Ponta also wrote.

Consequent to these political moves, Pro Romania party can set up its own parliamentary group with the Chamber of Deputies.

In Mid-November, in the context of party exclusions, PSD has lost three MPs in one day, one Senator and two Deputies.

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