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Liviu Dragnea: PSD’s priority is the governing programme, not to pardon corruption. Pardon law may be abandoned
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Update: Ruling party chairman Dragnea prosecuted in third corruption file related to TelDrum

The chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea has been heard at the National Anti-corruption Directorate on Monday morning. He had confirmed his hearing on Sunday, yet without mentioning in what file he had been subpoenaed.

The DNA has officialy announced after the hearing that Liviu Dragnea is criminally prosecuted for abuse of office, embezzlement of EU funds and setting up an organized criminal group while he was head of the Teleorman County Council. The charges were related to favoring TelDrum, the company rumored it would have been set up by Liviu Dragnea, in assigning some contracts.

Marian Fiscuci, former owner of Tel Drum,  has been also heard at DNA.

Anti-corruptiuon prosecutors revealed that there are two ongoing files related to TelDrum, with the criminal prosecution started in the first one against the company, as legal person, while the second case is targeting the deeds allegedly committed by the PSD chair Liviu Dragnea, during the time when he was president of Teleorman County Council.

Cheers and howls of protest

Dragnea was welcomed at the DNA office by 50 party members, among whom deputy PM Paul Stanescu, deputy Claudiu Manda and PSD secretary general, Marian Neacsu. They claimed they hadn’t talked to Dragnea about their intention to come and support him at DNA.

We think that any colleague in a deadlock needs support and we’ll give it to all colleagues. He is the party’s chairman and the benefit of doubt prevails and we’ll be next to him (…) We came to support our chairman, we didn’t come to beat up, our manifestation is peaceful,” said Marian Neacsu.

Liviu Dragnea was cheered by his colleagues and followers, but was also booed by his opponents. Both upon arrival and leaving he was surrounded by gendarmes.

Asked on Sunday what is the file where he had been summoned, Dragnea said: “What does it matter? All this circus wouldn’t have taken place if I hadn’t been summoned”.

PNL asks for Dragnea’s resignation

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has called on Liviu Dragnea on Monday to resign from the position of Chamber of Deputies speaker amid new corruption file opened against him, arguing he is affecting the Parliament’s image, while also making it fragile.

In retort, Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Dragnea’s ruling coalition partner, stated that until a final ruling given by the court, any person is innocent, arguing there have been many precedents that ” clearly revealed an attempt to topple down the incumbent ruling coalition”.

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