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Update: Russian Embassy official on DefMin’s statements regarding Deveselu air base: Thank you, Mr Fifor for the spontaneous truth. Sputnik.md resumes propaganda

Pavel Alekseenko, First Secretary with the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, has reacted to the Defence Minister’s blunder on Tuesday regarding the Deveselu base by thanking him ‘for the spontaneous truth’.

“Fifor’s statement is one more proof that the American shield in Deveselu is an immediate and direct threat to the national security of the Russian Federation. Thank you, Mr. Fifor for the spontaneous truth,” Pavel Alekseenko wrote on his Facebook page, hotnews.ro informs.

In another development, on Wednesday evening, the website sputnik.md released a feature dedicated to the same issue.

The Minister of National Defense has ‘blurt out’ last night in a television talk-show and now he contradicts himself, saying his words have been misinterpreted, Sputnik.md informs, resuming the Russian propaganda offensive related to the anti-missile shield at Deveselu.

“Obviously, President Putin will never be extremely pleased with the fact that very serious military capabilities are being developed in Romania. How could President Putin be excited about the fact that in Romania we have the military base in Deveselu with the ballistic missiles?” Minister of National Defence, Mihai Fifor, told Antena 3 TV Tuesday night.

After the reactions that have surfaced shortly in the press and in which Mihai Fifor was warned that he said what was not supposed to say, that Deveselu has interceptor missiles, not ballistic, the Romanian official returned to the statement and looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. In other words, Fifor contradicts himself,” the same source reads.

(…) “Less than 24 hours after the statement made for Antena 3 TV, where he spoke clearly about the existence of the ballistic missiles at Deveselu, and thus, finally, he confirmed, even if he did not want it, what the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, was saying, that the Deveselu shield represents a direct and immediate threat to the national security. Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on several occasions that the missile defence shield in Romania can be easily equipped with mid-range missiles, offensive missiles,” sputnik.md reads.

As ‘Romania Journal’ has informed earlier, Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, made a blunder Tuesday evening, during the talk-show for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster, saying that Romania has, at the Deveselu military base, ballistic missiles…, instead of interceptor anti-ballistic missiles.

On Wednesday, Minister Fifor said it is an interpretation error and he did not say the Deveselu base has ballistic missiles.

“I do not believe someone would ever say that Deveselu has ballistic missiles. Last evening I said the Deveselu base deals with the ballistic missiles, in no way that we have ballistic missiles. It is unlikely for me not to know what he have at Deveselu, about the interceptor missiles and the way the missile shield works. It was only an error of understanding, of communication in the worst case,” Mihai Fifor said for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster.

Opposition parties PNL and USR have requested Fifor’s resignation on Wednesday. Former President Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook that Minister Mihai Fifor thus confirms the frequent statements made by Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Shoigu and other Russian dignitaries who try to discredit the reality, in Deveselu is working a defensive missile system and not an offensive one.”


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