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Update-Scandal in Parliament. Opposition parties ask for Dragnea’s revocation from the chamber speaker office, claims victory. Dragnea retorts: Opposition has tried to grab Parliament

Liberal first vice-president Raluca Turcan has asked in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday morning for Liviu Dragnea’s revocation from the speaker position. PNL has also asked for the revocation of Florin Iordache from the chamber’s vice-president position.

Turcan has asked that the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies should be led by Marilen – Gabriel Pirtea (PNL), and not by Florin Iordache.

There is the suspicion that you are hanging to power through fraud and you are prone to violate the regulation. At the same time, I put to the vote the proposal that the voting procedure should be by raising hands today, as we have had numerous proofs that electronic voting systems are functioning at the order of the Chamber leadership. We don’t trust the way you’ll use the electronic systems,” Turcan argued.

She threatened that if their proposal to recall Dragnea from office is not put to vote, the Opposition parties might resort to parliamentary strike.

In retort, vice-president Florin Iordache has said that the Opposition’s request to recall him and Liviu Dragnea from office is against the rules, also accusing initiators of having deficiencies in understanding the regulation of the chamber. Iordache said that the revocation of the Standing Bureau’s members is possible only upon the request of the parliamentary group that they belong to.

Debates went on, with vice-president Marilen Pintea (PNL) putting the Opposition’s requests to the vote, although he hadn’t chaired the sitting.

Florin Iordache, chairing the session, told him on the microphone: „Mr. Pirtea, you are embarrassing yourself. Your are outside regulation”.

PMP leader Eugen Tomac has called on the PSD lawmakers to not block the Opposition’s request on Dragnea’s revocation, appealing to the Social Democrats’ „manhood” to put the resolution to the vote, arguing „the plenary session is sovereign.”

PNL deputy Gigel Stirbu also addressed the plenary sitting, accusing that PSD has a double standard as against 2012, when Roberta Anastase had been toppled down from the chamber speaker position.

Mr. Nicolicea and Mr. Iordache, in the times of Ancient Egypt, the pharaoh used to be buried with his servants. That’s why I am telling you that what’s happening here is a foreword of what is going to happen,” he said.

In his turn, PMP deputy Robert Turcescu, has accused Liviu Dragnea that he had missed half of the plenary sittings. „Mr Iordache, if you had had an employee like Dragnea, and he had skipped work, you would have fired him in a few seconds. Dragnea doesn’t belong in the Chamber of Deputies”.

Later on, Liberal Raluca Turcan claimed the vote to replace Dragnea had been cast in Parliament, even if it had not been put to the vote, and that it had observed the procedure, so, Liviu Dragnea has lost the position of speaker of the lower chamber.

Mr. Dragnea ran away. He seized the Romanian state, through agents, the same way offenders do. And the humblest and most servile agent is Florin Iordache. The reality is that PSD-ALDE majority no longer stands. Full stop. Secondly, Liviu Dragnea is recalled from the Chamber speaker office, Florin Iordache is recalled from the Cahmber’s vice-president position,” Turcan said.

PNL, USR, PMP, ProRomania cannot tolerate anymore the abusive way in which you seized the Chamber of Deputies. if you don’t take note of the votes democratically cast, all these parties are entitled to leave the session”, she added.

In his turn, USR chair, Dan Barna stated: “Today, we saw that the majority doesn’t exist anymore. The censure motion next week is getting really important”.

At this moment, Liviu Dragnea and Florin Iordache are former leaders of the Chamber of Deputies”, Eugen Tomac, PMP’s chair, said.

For now, it is not clear if Dragnea and Iordache are still running the lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament, as the sitting chairman has denied to put to vote the Opposition’s motions, but they have voted by raising hands. PNL, USR și PMP invoke a decision of the Constitutional Court that says the plenary sitting is sovereign.

On the other hand, the sitting chairman Florin Iordache has denied the opposition’s claim that Liviu Dragnea has been toppled down, arguing that the revocation proposal cannot be on the chamber’s agenda, as the only ones who could ask for that were the Social Democrats.

Former president of the Constitutional Court of Romania, Augustin Zegrean told journalists that there have always been scandals when the speakers of the Parliament had been dismissed and that the situation will be most probably figured out at the Constitutional Court.

The situation will be most probably figured out at the Constitutional Court, of some one asks for that. The issue is what’s going on until then? Who is running the Parliament”, Zegrean asked.

Dragnea: Opposition tried to grab the Parliament, the same way they wanted to grab the Gov’t

PSD chairman LIviu Dragnea, has retorted that the opposition had tried to grab the Parliament, the same way they had tried with the Government.

It’s a desperate and failed attempt to take over a state institution, to grab it, outside the law and by forcing the law. You cannot put to the vote something that is violating the regulation”, he said.

Dragnea has launched a new attack against President Iohannis, saying it is his style and that nothing happens without the President’s knowledge.

It is not the first time when they have asked for my dismissal. They haven’t actually voted. They want to grab the Parliament, the same way they want to grab Romania. This is Iohnannis’ style, the same way he grabbed the houses in Sibiu and the same way he wants to take the institutions that are disturbing him. Nothing happens without Klaus Iohannis’ coordination. Part of the Liberals and some former members of PSD have boasted for some weeks that they have Iohannis’ endorsement and that he is encouraging and protecting them to take over as many people as possible from the Chamber of Deputies helm“, Dragnea stated.

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