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Anti-corruption prosecutor: Sebastian Ghita broke the judicial control. EUR 13m bail still on
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Update: Sebastian Ghita, heard in Belgrade, claims he is political victim – does not want to return to Romania

Businessman Sebastian Ghita, currently arrested in Serbia, was heard on Friday in Belgrade following the Romanian authorities’ extradition request.

The former Social Democrat MP is taken from the district prison in Belgrade to the Supreme Court, TVR informs.

The former deputy claims to be a political victim and does not want to return to the country –

realitatea.net informs, adding that the judge will soon make a decision in the case of Sebastian Ghita, and will decide whether or not to remain under house arrest.

At the same time, the lawyer of the former deputy claims that in the case of Sebastian Ghita, the measure of house arrest should be imposed, the same source informs. Sebastian Ghita opposes the extradition procedure. He claims he is a political victim in Romania.

This was the first hearing made by a preliminary court judge, who is checking the evidence and if the case is grounded.

Further on, the file will reach the preliminary court consisting in 3 judges. However, their ruling is not final, but it is the Justice Ministry in Serbia that is giving the consent for the extradition.

“According to the European Convention for Extradition, the Supreme Court will decide if all conditions are met for the extradition. After the Court’s ruling, the Justice Ministry will have the last say on the extradition,” reads a press release by the Serbian Justice Ministry.

The Romanian authorities have sent documents of 475 pages related to Ghita’s case on April 27. The pages have been translated and registered at the Serbian Justice Ministry.

Sebastian Ghita has been arrested in Belgrade on the night of April 13 to April 14. He was accompanied by his brother when he has been caught. Ghita presented false ID papers, pretending he is Slovenian.

Ghita is to be heard in Serbia by the Romanian prosecutors on Monday, through videoconference in the view of extradition. The hearing was supposed to take place this Wednesday in the “Ponta-Blair” file, but it has been postponed for Monday for Ghita has asked that the videoconference should be attended by his lawyer chose from Serbia.

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